Saturday, April 30, 2011

Kamy's Journal

You may remember the challenge I gave Kamy, to write in her journal every day during the month of April.  She has been happily and energetically writing away, and loving it.  She even brought her journal on our weekend trip to Idaho, and wrote all about the wedding and playing with her cousins.

Sadly, she has missed a few days.  Because I'm not as mean as I seem, I have given her some extensions.  For every day missed, she has to make up a week.  So she won't be done by the end of April, but will finish her goal sometime in May.  I'm hoping that all this extra time will really imprint on her, and it will become routine.

Kamy has allowed me to share one entry that she wrote about a week ago.  Sometimes she just writes on her own, and sometimes she asks me for a topic.  On this day, I told her to write a little info on each of her family members.  This is what she wrote:

Kennedy is a little annoying sometimes, otherwise she is pretty fun to play with.  She likes dollhouse and coloring books.  I love her so much.

Keaton likes sleeping and playing with Kimble.  Sometimes he even likes to sleep with the light on all night.  It's so weird.

Kolby likes electronics and legos (also, one thing he hates is homework).  Right now he is throwing a fit and crying because he has to do spelling.  He likes legos a lot.  He is very good at making lego ships.  Also, Kolby's pretty good at video games. He can beat levels as quick as a wink.

Mom is a sewing person. She loves sewing and she's really good at it.  One time she made a little toy giraffe for Kimble's birthday; it was so cute.  She likes to read too.  When I lived in South Carolina, I was reading The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe and when I stopped reading for a while, she read the whole thing in a night, and it took me days to read the whole thing.  Oh, mom likes to cook. She makes a lot of delectable dinners that I always eat (except chicken pot pie :( )  Also, mom likes to blog on her blog.  She spends a lot of time on the computer.  Her blog is really cool.  It has such a lot of pictures and recipes. I love her blog.

Dad likes to run, go biking, eat spaghetti, and cook with spices.  Finally, he likes making sauces.  One time, dad made this sauce for tater-tots.  It was soooo good. And his spaghetti is fantastic.  Dad buys spices all the time, especially spicy spices!  Also, he likes herbs.  That's how he got the idea to plant herbs in our house.  That's why we have herbs. Dad runs and bikes cause he wants to stay fit, or just for fun. He loves bikes and bought one for my eleventh birthday.

Kimble is an awesome baby!  He can almost say words!  He can give you a high-five and say "more, uh-oh, momma, dadda, yeah" and he can clap.  He is in the stage of getting into things.  Oh, he can also walk!  Plus, he can walk backwards!  Love you Kimble!

I love to read, play outside with my friends, play electronics, swim, go to Brittany's house, and spend time with my cousins.  I like to read because I can imagine what's happening while I read.  I like to play outside because me and my friends play fun games. I like to play electronics because I like beating the levels and earning more characters. I like to swim because I like being in water.  I like playing at Brittany's house because she is one of my best friends. I like to spend time with my cousins because they are hilarious.

Thursday, April 28, 2011


Kolby's teacher asked me to come in and conference with her today.  I was a bit frustrated, because there are four weeks left of school.  What type of intervention would be beneficial at the tail end of a school year?

I know this year has been difficult, pertaining to consistency.  Kolby was in one school for four months, then we moved.  His new teacher turned out to be only a long term substitute, because the real teacher of the class he was put in was out on maternity leave.  Now she is back, but has only been in the class for a month.

Since Kolby started school, I've always been very upfront with his teachers, regarding what Kolby needs.  His attention and focus need improvement.  He doesn't care for schoolwork, but happily goes to school.  He is a bright boy that doesn't see the need to do paperwork.  He's not genius by any means, and I'm not trying to say that he's above the mundane, but unless a reward is in it for him, he really wants nothing to do with it.

The psychiatrist that joined his teacher and I, in the meeting, at one point asked if Kolby was diagnosed with anything.  I said he wasn't, and I didn't think that pertained to him.  The bottom line with Kolby, in which his teacher agrees, is that he lacks the motivation to get things done.  It's not that he can't do it.  It's that he doesn't see the point in doing it, when there are other things that grab his attention, like playgrounds and computers and movies and biking.

The psychiatrists suggested, while admitting that she has never observed Kolby, that these are things she hears a lot of, and all the excuses I've given fall under the category of an Attention Disorder.  Although she's not saying to run to the doctor and get it diagnosed, she said it's something to keep in mind.

It's never something you want to hear, that your child has a "disorder", and I'm not saying that he does, but it still stings.  I think that Kolby's real issue is simply that he doesn't see the value in certain things, and schoolwork isn't the only category.  Housework, showering, brushing his teeth....these are all things that he shrugs off because it's not fun to him.  I really think time will help.

At any rate, there has been improvement in the past few weeks, regarding Kolby's school work.  There is improvement (most days) with getting his homework done.  He didn't throw one fit today, with everything I've asked him to do (this week he has the kitchen, which he always finds unfair.) and right now he earned some playtime outside for getting everything done with a happy attitude.

Kolby gets five stars today.  Not every day is a five star day.  I can only hope I can continue to help Kolby see that things are beneficial, even if it's not very fun at the moment.  Who knows. Maybe 2nd grade will be amazing for Kolby.  I pray it is.

Sunday, April 24, 2011


Keaton is such a thoughtful brother.  He really goes out of his way to make other people happy.  One afternoon, Keaton was wearing his jedi cloak around (as he is very prone to do) and he decided that it just wasn't right that Kimble didn't have a cloak.  So he got one of my large dishtowels and tucked it into Kimble's collar, so he could have a cape.  Then, he got another towel, and draped it over his head, so it would look like he had a cloak on.  Mr. Kimble pulled it off pretty quickly, which led Keaton to take action again.  Instead of trying to use the kitchen towel again, he took off his own cloak and put it on Kimble.  At that point, Kimble was just learning how to walk, and as he was stumbling along, with the cloak dragging along around him, he looked like a little ewok, it was so cute.

About a week later, Keaton came home from school and said "I feel really bad that Kimble couldn't keep his birthday crown, so I'm gonna make him one that he can keep!"  So he set to work with paper, tape, scissors, and the stapler.  He even brought up the measuring tape so he could measure Kimble's head, so it would fit right.  In no time at all, he had the finished crown, and he presented it to Kimble.

It wasn't long before Kimble knocked it off his head.  Keaton looked sad, and wished that Kimble appreciated his gift as much as he wanted him to, but I suggested to him that in his own way, Kimble was very happy about what Keaton did for him.

What a good brother Keaton is.  He has such a kind spirit about him, and is always so thoughtful with his actions.

Spring Break Park

Over Spring Break I took the kids to the park.  It was a nice day, but pretty windy.  Nevertheless, the kids enjoyed it.  Kimble went down the slide for the first time, which he hated, and cried when it was attempted again.  However, he loved the swing.  It being his first time, it took a bit of practice to not flop back and forth with every swing, but he soon got the hang of it, and quite enjoyed playing the "I'm gonna get you!" game with me.

The boys spent most of the two hours we were there playing on the tire swing.  They were swinging around so fast, that I'm surprised that I got a picture of them.


Mr. Kimble had his first peep last night.   He wasn't sure about it for a while, but finally moved his hand towards it rather slowly.

Then he bit of his head, innately understanding that the only true and rightful way to eat a peep, is to decapitate it.

When all was said and done, and the poor peep was put out of his misery, Kimble wasn't completely sold in the little crystallized marshmallow chic.  That's perfectly alright.  We are more of a chocolate and peanut butter type of family anyway.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Girl Named Kennedy

It's finally time.  Time for Georgie to go by her real name.  We have tried many times, but she hasn't been ready.  She refused to acknowledge that she had any other name besides Georgie.  But things have changed the last few months.  She knows she will begin school in the fall.  She knows that they will call her Kennedy.  She has had doctor's appointments and dentist appointments where she has had to respond to her real name.  So, it's time.

We decided on the way home from Nancy's wedding, that we would start calling her Kennedy.  She agreed, and was even happy about it.  Over the past few days, I've tried my hardest to call her Kennedy and not Georgie. It's been difficult, and I've been successful only half the time, but I'm trying!

Kennedy is trying too.  No longer will she write "Georgie" on her papers.  She learned how to spell her real name and she does it quite well.  I'm so excited for her.  (She drew a self-portrait.  Her picture includes earrings, eyelashes, and fairy wings.)

After we get "Kennedy" to be the norm around here, I imagine we'll start calling her "Kenni", which was what I initially thought her nickname would be.  However, I don't think "Georgie" will fully disappear.  I think it'll always be a nickname for her; it just won't be used exclusively, as it was.

Friday, April 22, 2011

At The Reception

After taking pictures at the Temple, we headed over to the church where the reception was going to happen later that night.  Trevor's family had lunch catered, and we all enjoyed it very much.  While trying to feed a wiggly Kimble, I looked down the table and noticed that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.  So funny.

 Lots of random pictures were taken in the next few hours, as we cleaned up lunch and got the area ready for the reception.  Here's one of The Husband and I.

For a minute, we all piled the four little cousins onto Uncle Darick's lap.  He wasn't thrilled, but we all took pictures anyway.
 The Husband took a moment while Mr. Kimble was drinking his bottle, to lie down with him.  I believe Heath fell asleep later, as all the women were building fruit kabobs, and all the kids were having a grand time being unsupervised in the nursery room, but as I don't have proof, we'll just move on.

Time for the reception!  Nancy took a moment to give some love to Mr. Kimble.
 We always like to take a picture of the bride and groom surrounded by all the grandchildren from our side.  It's a nice way to intimidate the new groom and welcome him into our family, along with a firm arm around the shoulders, it's like we are saying "You will add to this soon, I'm sure!"

Then we slipped out Nan and Trevor and added Grandma and Grandpa.  They sure have a lot of birthdays to keep up with!

There were lots of pictures being taken like this:

We sure do love taking self portraits.  Even better, we like hijacking the photo as well!

 Here is a picture of us and Mr. Kimble.  He sure does get a lot of lovin, that's for sure.   (I was talking about Kimble, but it's applicable to The Husband as well....chuckle.)

Speaking of Kimble, he loved having free reign at the reception, and especially loved dancing with everyone else.  He was so fun to just walk behind, and see what he wanted to do.

Uncle Ian was in charge of the music.  He did a great job.

All my kids danced, and we all took turns dancing with each other.  Here, Keaton is dancing with Kimble.  So cute!  Later, he danced with me, and as he put his arm around me, it strategically was placed right on my bum.  I instructed Keaton that a gentleman's arm belonged around the waist of his lady.  Poor Keaton; he couldn't help that he was just at the wrong height and that's what his arm naturally went around.

 The Husband took turns dancing with everyone as well.  I love the picture of him and Kamy dancing!

Throughout the evening, Keaton kept wowing everyone with his sweet dance moves, including a breakdancing montage well worth viewing.  At the  end of the reception, after clean-up, he got up on the stage and showed everyone his breakdancing moves again.  At the end, he said "Wow.  I felt like I was on 'Dancing with the Stars'.  It was so cool.  Man.  I've been practising that my whole life; like, for the past four or three years.  Yeah.  I'm pretty good now."  (He kinda sounded like Napoleon Dynamite.  It did us proud.)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Family Units

Any time is a good time to take a family picture.  That's what I always tell my kids, anyway.  I love taking pictures, but most especially, I love having complete family pictures.  So going in order of birth (again), here are the complete family pictures of all of my siblings.  First off, my oldest brother Warren, his wife Autumn, and their six kids.

My brother Jamie is next, with his wife Melissa and their four boys.  (Mel's skirt isn't really that poofy.  There was wind!)

My sister (BFF) Kim, her husband Jason, and their five kids.

I'm next in the lineup, with The Husband and our five kids.

After me is my sister Shavonne, husband Derek, and their 16 week embryo!

Courtney is next, with husband Jared, and their four kids.

Then comes Rebekah, with her two sweet girls.

Sharon, husband Darick, and two kiddos.

Ian and is wife Karissa.  (I LOVE LOVE LOVE her skirt and asked if I could have it.  Totally not joking.)

Ahhh....Nancy and new husband Trevor.

And the ring leaders of this crazy parents, who are empty-nesters and retired.  What in the world are they going to do now?

Have I ever said how great my family is??  LOVE THEM!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Couple

 My sister Kim took these pictures of Nancy and Trevor just as they were coming out of the Temple, after being married for Time and All Eternity.  They are so happy and beautiful.  Welcome to the family Trevor!

At The Temple

Now for some pictures after Nancy and Trevor were married.  Here is a group picture of the whole bunch that was there.  Trevor's side of the family and our side of the family.

This next picture is just my side of the family.  My parents, all ten of their kids, and all applicable spouses and grandkids.  What a good looking group!

We like to take a goofy picture as well, after the serious ones have been taken.  Some don't change their pose at all, whereas others go crazy.

Here is a closeup of what was going on in the center of the picture. I love it!

Oh, what adorable kids!

We always have a picture where the new groom is trying to wrangle his bride away from her brothers.  Sometimes we have the brothers-in-law holding fast to the bride as well. This time, all the brothers-in-law got to help Trevor get his girl.  I love it!

The next picture is one of just the 10 of us siblings.  We are standing in order of birth, as we do so often for pictures.

This was just another halfway-goofy picture that was taken because my brother-in-law Jason (my BFF's husband) was lying on the ground taking pictures, and it just seemed like a funny angle to us.

Another one of all of us siblings.

Me and my BFF Kim!!

Just the original 12 picture, my siblings and my parents.

My favorite picture of the day was taken as we were walking back to our car to head over to the luncheon.  What a handsome picture!