Tuesday, April 5, 2011

17 Months {and Walking!}

Kimble is such a happy baby, but on the scale of happiness, he has shot through the roof this past week, when he started walking.  He considers himself to be so accomplished, now that he is walking, and struts his stuff as he walks around in circles and then falls...then gets up again...walks...then falls.  As he is doing this, he is grinning wider than the Cheshire Cat, and he giggles, laughs, and claps his way around the house.  He is so funny.  I could watch him all day, and be more entertained than ever.  I just love all the energy he has right now.

When he's not walking, he still loves to push his cars around.  He also likes dropping them down the stairs, and then saying "Uh-oh".

He is laughing in both of these pictures, and he has such a funny laugh these days.  He really hams it up.

In this next picture, you can see Kimble's hands (he claps constantly!) and you can see the burn blisters on his thumbs and fingers.  Some have broken open today, and others are still bursting with fluid.  Still, he hasn't show any indifference to them.  I'm so thankful!

I mentioned this on facebook, but Kimble has the cutest dance that he does.  He bends his knees and bounces up and down while kicking back his bum, then he will jimmie out his right leg and kick it back like an excited dog, then he stops, and looks at his audience, gives a giggle, then starts all over again.  We think he is the best.  We are so in love with just watching him lately.  He makes us all laugh so much.


kendra said...

he is a cutie! and poor hands! Austin did the SAME thing when he was close to two, with the flat iron. I felt so bad.

I love LOVE the robot outfit. darling.

Colleen said...

Kimble, you are pure joy! Way to go on the walking!!!!