Friday, April 22, 2011

At The Reception

After taking pictures at the Temple, we headed over to the church where the reception was going to happen later that night.  Trevor's family had lunch catered, and we all enjoyed it very much.  While trying to feed a wiggly Kimble, I looked down the table and noticed that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.  So funny.

 Lots of random pictures were taken in the next few hours, as we cleaned up lunch and got the area ready for the reception.  Here's one of The Husband and I.

For a minute, we all piled the four little cousins onto Uncle Darick's lap.  He wasn't thrilled, but we all took pictures anyway.
 The Husband took a moment while Mr. Kimble was drinking his bottle, to lie down with him.  I believe Heath fell asleep later, as all the women were building fruit kabobs, and all the kids were having a grand time being unsupervised in the nursery room, but as I don't have proof, we'll just move on.

Time for the reception!  Nancy took a moment to give some love to Mr. Kimble.
 We always like to take a picture of the bride and groom surrounded by all the grandchildren from our side.  It's a nice way to intimidate the new groom and welcome him into our family, along with a firm arm around the shoulders, it's like we are saying "You will add to this soon, I'm sure!"

Then we slipped out Nan and Trevor and added Grandma and Grandpa.  They sure have a lot of birthdays to keep up with!

There were lots of pictures being taken like this:

We sure do love taking self portraits.  Even better, we like hijacking the photo as well!

 Here is a picture of us and Mr. Kimble.  He sure does get a lot of lovin, that's for sure.   (I was talking about Kimble, but it's applicable to The Husband as well....chuckle.)

Speaking of Kimble, he loved having free reign at the reception, and especially loved dancing with everyone else.  He was so fun to just walk behind, and see what he wanted to do.

Uncle Ian was in charge of the music.  He did a great job.

All my kids danced, and we all took turns dancing with each other.  Here, Keaton is dancing with Kimble.  So cute!  Later, he danced with me, and as he put his arm around me, it strategically was placed right on my bum.  I instructed Keaton that a gentleman's arm belonged around the waist of his lady.  Poor Keaton; he couldn't help that he was just at the wrong height and that's what his arm naturally went around.

 The Husband took turns dancing with everyone as well.  I love the picture of him and Kamy dancing!

Throughout the evening, Keaton kept wowing everyone with his sweet dance moves, including a breakdancing montage well worth viewing.  At the  end of the reception, after clean-up, he got up on the stage and showed everyone his breakdancing moves again.  At the end, he said "Wow.  I felt like I was on 'Dancing with the Stars'.  It was so cool.  Man.  I've been practising that my whole life; like, for the past four or three years.  Yeah.  I'm pretty good now."  (He kinda sounded like Napoleon Dynamite.  It did us proud.)


kdaygirl said...

I have his dance on tape and then his montage about his dance! Its gonna be great to show him that stuff later in life!

Maggie said...

I love the napkins tucked in the shirt!