Wednesday, April 20, 2011

At The Temple

Now for some pictures after Nancy and Trevor were married.  Here is a group picture of the whole bunch that was there.  Trevor's side of the family and our side of the family.

This next picture is just my side of the family.  My parents, all ten of their kids, and all applicable spouses and grandkids.  What a good looking group!

We like to take a goofy picture as well, after the serious ones have been taken.  Some don't change their pose at all, whereas others go crazy.

Here is a closeup of what was going on in the center of the picture. I love it!

Oh, what adorable kids!

We always have a picture where the new groom is trying to wrangle his bride away from her brothers.  Sometimes we have the brothers-in-law holding fast to the bride as well. This time, all the brothers-in-law got to help Trevor get his girl.  I love it!

The next picture is one of just the 10 of us siblings.  We are standing in order of birth, as we do so often for pictures.

This was just another halfway-goofy picture that was taken because my brother-in-law Jason (my BFF's husband) was lying on the ground taking pictures, and it just seemed like a funny angle to us.

Another one of all of us siblings.

Me and my BFF Kim!!

Just the original 12 picture, my siblings and my parents.

My favorite picture of the day was taken as we were walking back to our car to head over to the luncheon.  What a handsome picture!


Mags said...

Awww, you can see Shavonne's baby bump. I love the sibling pics!

Ande said...

oh Shaina, it looks like you guys had a blast. I am so happy that you guys all got to be there. I know how much you enjoy your family. I love all the matching clothes for the kids. You are awesome!!! Miss you tons!