Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Baby's Wedding!

My baby sister Nancy probably won't appreciate the title of this post, and yet, it is true.  Nancy is the baby of my family; the 10th child born to my parents; the 7th girl; the one everybody adored.  Little Nancy is all grown up now, and is getting married today.

Here is a picture of Nan and I, probably taken about the time I graduated High School.  I think she's  about 3 or 4  years old.

Now, here is a picture of us taken today, at her wedding reception.

All of my family is together, to celebrate this occasion.  All of my brothers and sisters.  All of their spouses.  All of their kids.  It's such a great weekend.  I just love my family!!!


Julia said...

What a happy occasion!!! So good to hear about what a wonderful family you have! What a blessing!

Adri said...

So fun! Have a wonderful, wonderful time!

Ande said...

Have a blast with your family!!! What a great time to spend together!

Nancy said...

I dont have to sit at the kid's table anymore! *hopefully*
I'm so glad you and the fam could make it! I love you Shaina!!

Colleen said...

Such fun! You two look fantastic, both then and now!