Monday, April 4, 2011

Burning Love

When I was about two years old (not much older than Kimble is now), my family went camping up in the woods, hours from civilization.  I was the youngest of four.  One sunny morning, after breakfast was eaten and everyone was ready, my dad took my older brothers and sister on a hike.  They planned to be back after a few hours or so.  My mom was left back at camp to keep watch over an energetic toddler.  Me.

My dad hadn't been gone much longer than an hour or so, when my mom noticed that I was in need of a diaper change.  According to my mom, I had really made a mess of myself.  So much so, that she had to completely strip me down.  After she was done cleaning me up, she needed to go inside the tent to get more clothing, for all I had on now, was a fresh diaper and a pair of socks.  My mom crossed the campsite and went into the tent.

I decided to follow her.

Between where I was, and where my mom was inside the tent, was a fire pit.  It was not blazing and burning by any means, but there was a healthy layer of hot coals on the bottom, giving evidence to a recent fire.  Surrounding the fire pit was a circle of rocks.  It was on one of these rocks, that I tripped over, in my haste to follow my mom, and I ended up falling into the pit of hot coals.

My mom was just coming out of the tent, when she saw it happen.   She scooped me up as quickly as she could, and wondered what she could possibly do.  I had burned myself all over my body, except for the areas that were covered by my diaper and socks.  My dad was long gone, hiking with the other kids, and she was in the middle of nowhere, without a doctor or hospital close by.  I was hysterical.

Near the campsite, thankfully, was a small stream (or a lake...can't remember all the details my mom shared with me) and so my mom did the only thing she could think to do to stop the burning pain.  She sat with me in the cool mountain water, allowing it to flow across me and soothe my burns.  She also started yelling for my dad, hoping that he was in close enough range that he would hear her, and come back to see what she needed.  She sat with me in that water for a good length of time. Eventually, I stopped crying, and starting happily splashing around in the water, as I sat on my mom's lap.

Soon after I fell in the fire pit, my dad got a prompting that he needed to return to the campsite.  So instead of continuing along their hike, they all turned back to camp.  As soon as they arrived, and assessed the situation, my dad packed up the campsite as quickly as he could, and we all headed down the mountain, towards civilization, so that I could get to a doctor.  On the three hour drive back, I slept peacefully in my mom's arms, completely without pain.  I'm absolutely positive that I was comforted, and the pain was taken from me, through the power of the priesthood blessing my dad gave me, and through my mom's faith and prayers.  My dad also blessed me that I would have no lasting scars from the burns.

Once we arrived in town, I received treatment for my numerous and extensive burns, but my mom said that I never showed any complaint.  Weeks later, as all the burns were healing, I fell pretty hard and broke open the newly healed skin on my right knee.  Because of that injury, a scar formed there, and it is the only lasting evidence of this story.  The scar is currently the size of my palm, so it covered a large part of my leg, all throughout my childhood.

Last Friday, as I was getting ready in the morning, I left the bathroom for a minute, to check on something else in another room.  As I walked by the stairs, I noticed that Kimble was at the bottom of the stairs, and so I knew he wouldn't go in the bathroom.  He's been crazy curious about the bathroom lately, and so I've had to be extra attentive.

After about a minute, I heard Kimble scream in pain.  I knew instantly why.  Kimble had managed to go up the stairs and back to my bathroom.  He had pulled on the cord of my hair straightener, and had grabbed it with both hands, as it fell off the counter.  He burned himself, and I felt completely horrible.  I instantly ran cold water over his hands, as he cried and cried, and I wish I could have taken his pain away, as I'm sure my mom felt the same way.

After about five minutes, I dried his hands and cut off a stem of our newly acquired aloe vera plant (Thank you Lori!!) and smothered Kimble's hands in aloe, and then covered his hands with his socks because (1) I didn't have any bandages, and (2) I needed to keep the aloe from rubbing off on everything.

The aloe did the trick, and Kimble stopped crying.  Within 15 minutes of it happening, Kimble was back to his normal self, crawling around, clapping his hands, and smiling at me.

Kimble has a small blister on each of his thumbs and forefingers, and they don't seem to bother him at all.  I'm so grateful that it wasn't worse.  I'm so grateful that I had that aloe plant to use immediately.  I'm so grateful that I had the peace that comes through the power of prayer, to calm both Kimble and I, during this time.  I also used this time to call my mom, to see if she had any wisdom to share with me, in relieving Kimble's pain. We were reminded  of when I was burned as a baby, and it was very poignant to relive that memory through Kimble's experience.


Mags said...

Your mom is an amazing woman. I have known that for years. Your stories just reaffirm that to me. I am glad you were so quick and responsive to your little boy. You are a good mom too Shaina.

Ryan said...

That is such a neat story about you as a baby. I love the way you write too. Glad that Kimble is doing better and hope to he gets lots of those good naps at Costco:).

Jennifer Magreevy said...

About a month ago, I was attempting to give my son an inhaler treatment due to a vicious illness of RSV and bronchiolitis (which required a one night stay in the hospital). My husband placed my son on our kitchen island, and I started to get the inhaler ready. My son pushed himself off the island and landed half on the dog bowls and half on the ceramic tile floor, hitting his head. I treated him as best I could, and other than a bad hour or so, he was his normal self. Fast forward a few weeks, and he had a regularly scheduled MRI to recheck non-related brain issues...and there is a "vascular abnormality", or cluster of blood vessels...somewhat close to where he hit his head. I have no idea if this will require surgery, a lifetime of checkups and tests, or if it will go away on its own. But boy did I learn my lesson! No more putting him on a counter. Just like I'm sure you won't ever leave the straightener cord where Kimble can get it. Unfortunately no one is perfect...but it still is such a hard thing for a mom to bear, knowing she unconsciously did something to hurt her child. :( Hoping Kimble recuperates quite nicely. Isn't it wonderful, though, how our moms can help us through these times as well? We are all in these shoes at one point or another.

runningfan said...

Quite a story for both of you! I'm glad you're both ok!

Enjoying Life One day @ a Time! said...

I love your story, we learn from the things that happen to us. I hope kimble is doing better now.

kadie dahl said...

Those darn flat irons! I burned myself really bad on my honey moon on my arm! I have a really ugly scar on my forearm now : (

Jeff and Lori said...

Ignore my post on facebook. I'd imagined you'd been out in the sun and that's why you needed the aloe. Poor Kimble! I'm so glad I got that plant to you before this happened! Let me know if you need more starts. They're growing like crazy!


Poor little guy....glad he is ok and you were so quick to react. He sure is a cutie!

Julie said...

Poor little guy! I think a lot of us have stories like that- they are so painful to experience as a mom, but fun stories to tell as the grown up child who was injured as a baby!