Thursday, April 21, 2011

Family Units

Any time is a good time to take a family picture.  That's what I always tell my kids, anyway.  I love taking pictures, but most especially, I love having complete family pictures.  So going in order of birth (again), here are the complete family pictures of all of my siblings.  First off, my oldest brother Warren, his wife Autumn, and their six kids.

My brother Jamie is next, with his wife Melissa and their four boys.  (Mel's skirt isn't really that poofy.  There was wind!)

My sister (BFF) Kim, her husband Jason, and their five kids.

I'm next in the lineup, with The Husband and our five kids.

After me is my sister Shavonne, husband Derek, and their 16 week embryo!

Courtney is next, with husband Jared, and their four kids.

Then comes Rebekah, with her two sweet girls.

Sharon, husband Darick, and two kiddos.

Ian and is wife Karissa.  (I LOVE LOVE LOVE her skirt and asked if I could have it.  Totally not joking.)

Ahhh....Nancy and new husband Trevor.

And the ring leaders of this crazy parents, who are empty-nesters and retired.  What in the world are they going to do now?

Have I ever said how great my family is??  LOVE THEM!


Mags said...

I love Karissa's skirt too. I like how each family unit took a wedding color and ran with it. Everyone looks great!

Shannon said...

What a beautiful, beautiful family you come from, Shaina! Your parents must be so pleased and filled with love. I see your family and this is the picture in my mind that I want for my own someday. I love lots of laughter, fun, love, and kids! You are truly blessed to have such a great family.

runningfan said...

I'm surprised you haven't already made yourself a copycat skirt! :) Your parents have quite a posterity!

Heath said...

It was a truly a great weekend for everyone, being able to see all of our family members in one place and to be there to participate and celebrate Nancy and Trevor's sealing in the Temple. The Bros in Laws even got in a night of HALO and a traditional basketball game.

Steve Frost said...

I love seeing your families; they all look great. It's amazing to see your family grow so much.