Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Girl Named Kennedy

It's finally time.  Time for Georgie to go by her real name.  We have tried many times, but she hasn't been ready.  She refused to acknowledge that she had any other name besides Georgie.  But things have changed the last few months.  She knows she will begin school in the fall.  She knows that they will call her Kennedy.  She has had doctor's appointments and dentist appointments where she has had to respond to her real name.  So, it's time.

We decided on the way home from Nancy's wedding, that we would start calling her Kennedy.  She agreed, and was even happy about it.  Over the past few days, I've tried my hardest to call her Kennedy and not Georgie. It's been difficult, and I've been successful only half the time, but I'm trying!

Kennedy is trying too.  No longer will she write "Georgie" on her papers.  She learned how to spell her real name and she does it quite well.  I'm so excited for her.  (She drew a self-portrait.  Her picture includes earrings, eyelashes, and fairy wings.)

After we get "Kennedy" to be the norm around here, I imagine we'll start calling her "Kenni", which was what I initially thought her nickname would be.  However, I don't think "Georgie" will fully disappear.  I think it'll always be a nickname for her; it just won't be used exclusively, as it was.


Melanna said...

Perhaps you've explained and I just started reading after, but how did Kennedy get the nickname Georgie?

Julia said...

Whatever her name, (real or nick), she is a beautiful girl. I love her art work. Your children are all gorgeous! Our middle daughter was Laura Elizabeth. We called her Laura Beth until she was about 10 when she decided she wanted to just be Laura. Now, she wishes she was Laura Beth again. There are a few people who still call her by both names.

Sandy said...

What a sweetheart....darling picture. ;o)

courtney said...

Good luck, I think changing a name or nickname is always really hard, I still want Lexie to go by Alex but I don't think that will ever fly!

Valerie said...

I have always loved her name! both of them!! Nolan finally asked us to not call him Goose last year. It was sad for me but I understood. I still call him by his nickname sometimes but only at home. I love nicknames!! good luck getting used to her real name!

Me said...

This is so cute! So, I don't know the story of the nickname, but I think it's a cute one. While I was sitting here reading, Ethan was looking over my shoulder and asked what I was doing. I showed him the blog and the first thing he said was, "HEY! I know her! That's Georgie, thrum (from) church!" I had to giggle a little. Good luck with making "Kennedy" stick. Haha!

Jolene :)