Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Sisters Getaway!

The day before Nancy got married, all of the sisters and sister-in-laws kidnapped Nancy and took her out to breakfast.  We wanted to have some time with her before the wedding hustle started.  Just as a side note, this was the first time in about 9 years that ALL of my family has been able to get together. It was a great occasion for lots of pictures!

Here are all of us, including my mom, at the breakfast getaway.

Going around the table, from left to right, are my sisters Shavonne, Nancy, Rebekah, and Sharon.

Next is my mom, Rebekah's roommate Ajdwao (from Ghana, I believe) and Melissa, who is married to my brother Jamie.

Then comes me, my BFF Kim, and Karissa, who is married to my little brother Ian.

Courtney is next, followed by Autumn, who is married to my brother Warren.

We stopped by a little store on the way in, and got a few things to make Nancy feel special.  She wore a lovely plastic crown, some necklaces and a flower pin, as well as a little wand.  She is always such a good sport.  We also got her a few things for her bridal shower, since most of us weren't there a few weeks ago when she had it.

Among some cologne called "747 Sexy Woman" that my mom picked out, and also some fancy flip flops that my mom called "thong", which became the joke of the day and was much abused for hours afterward ("Nancy!  Mom got you thongs for your honeymoon!"), we also got her some other pretty things.  For the next gift, we told her it was for the kitchen.  When she opened up the gift, she found not only an adorable casserole dish that I had found, but a matching nightie that Shavonne had bought for her.  She was so embarrassed!

After our breakfast, we went to another store where we all chipped in to buy something that Nancy needed for her new apartment. She chose a dresser, since she didn't have one.

Following that, we all went to her in-law's house to prep fruit for the fruit kabobs that would be served at the reception.  It was a fun morning, and I loved spending all the time just with my sisters!!


Burns Family said...

I love that family of yours. You all are fabulous. Can't believe Nancy is married. I substitute taught in her Kindergarten class. Crazy!!

Maynards said...

Such cute girls! Looks like so much fun. I love how your mom says thong for flip flop, my mom used to say that too, until we teased it out of her. hehehe