Sunday, April 24, 2011


Keaton is such a thoughtful brother.  He really goes out of his way to make other people happy.  One afternoon, Keaton was wearing his jedi cloak around (as he is very prone to do) and he decided that it just wasn't right that Kimble didn't have a cloak.  So he got one of my large dishtowels and tucked it into Kimble's collar, so he could have a cape.  Then, he got another towel, and draped it over his head, so it would look like he had a cloak on.  Mr. Kimble pulled it off pretty quickly, which led Keaton to take action again.  Instead of trying to use the kitchen towel again, he took off his own cloak and put it on Kimble.  At that point, Kimble was just learning how to walk, and as he was stumbling along, with the cloak dragging along around him, he looked like a little ewok, it was so cute.

About a week later, Keaton came home from school and said "I feel really bad that Kimble couldn't keep his birthday crown, so I'm gonna make him one that he can keep!"  So he set to work with paper, tape, scissors, and the stapler.  He even brought up the measuring tape so he could measure Kimble's head, so it would fit right.  In no time at all, he had the finished crown, and he presented it to Kimble.

It wasn't long before Kimble knocked it off his head.  Keaton looked sad, and wished that Kimble appreciated his gift as much as he wanted him to, but I suggested to him that in his own way, Kimble was very happy about what Keaton did for him.

What a good brother Keaton is.  He has such a kind spirit about him, and is always so thoughtful with his actions.


Colleen said...

Such a sweetheart! His siblings are lucky to have him!

Jen Sue Wild said...

Keaton is such a sweet boy.

Ryan said...

He is one sweet kid. It almost breaks your heart and I'm sure one day Kimble will remember it. . . Maybe when he reads your blog. I loved seeing the wedding photos. Looks like you guys partied hard.