Friday, April 15, 2011

The Woman He Married {Book Review}

Julie Ford asked me to participate in her book review blog tour.  I was thrilled to say YES and so excited for her because this is her first book to get published.  As an aspiring author, it is encouraging to find someone who made it!  What an accomplishment!!  Congratulations Julie!!  I am so excited for you.

Since Josie married John eleven years ago, she hasn't had a moment to stop and consider how much her life plan had deviated from it's course all those years ago when she was an aspiring defense attorney.  Now she is a full-time mother, juggling all the demands her children require, including playing chauffeur all day long, as well as keeping up the "perfect wife" persona to the world in the midst of her husband's judicial campaign.

It's not long before things begin to unravel.  Her husband's increasing distance in their relationship begins to cause Josie to question some things.  John makes it clear that she isn't living up to his expectations, and pretty soon, Josie realizes how her life really isn't what she wants it to be.

Through a journey of self-discovery, resulting in both Josie and John being honest with each other about their relationship, as well as their future goals, they realize that they can't just let life happen, but that it requires action, resulting in an outcome that neither one had expected.

If this story sounds interesting to you, the author is hosting a contest after which the winner will receive a signed copy of the book along with a $50 Barnes & Noble gift card. All you have to do is leave a comment on this post.

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I found The Woman He Married to be an enjoyable read, and very thought-provoking.  We are all told that healthy relationships are based on honesty and openness with each other.  Reading through this book, and understanding the characters with each turn of the page, it's so easy to think "Duh!  Be honest with each other and all your problems will go away." and yet, it's not always so easy, especially when you have outside influences.  Josie's friends and John's friends both create a hindrance to their relationship.  It brings home the point that we must always surround ourselves with positive influences.

After almost eleven years of being a mother, Josie suddenly realizes that her life is not at all the way she had planned it to be.  Although she  had never wanted children, Josie would never choose to go back and change things. She loves her children and she loves her husband, and yet, what if she has missed out on something better?

These are all questions we ask ourselves, in one way or another, whether we have jobs outside the home or in, or whether our marriages are rock solid or sliding rock.

Enjoy reading this book!  As a bonus, it has a sequel that will be in print at a later date!  Again, don't forget to leave a comment here to be entered for your chance to get an autographed copy of the book as well as a $50 dollar Barnes & Noble Gift Card!


Tracy said...

Enjoyed your comments. Josie and John's friends played a pivotol role in driving a wedge between them, even furthering the wedges they drove themselves. Similar circumstances occur in life. We need to find ourselves, and be comfortable with who we are, in order to have an impact on our own relationships.
I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book, and would recommend it to all.

Anonymous said...

I loved the review you gave of this novel. I can relate to the character Josie because I have 5 kids. They are all grown now but I remember the days when running kids around was all I did. In this novel, having John and Josie realize where each of them was going wrong and what each of them could do to rekindle their relationship was great because there was a lot of misunderstanding between the two of them. I really enjoyed your review. The pictures on your blog are very nice. you have a very cute family.

Ryan said...

Looks like an interesting book. Cool that you are doing the book review. Send me more books that you've liked reading. Also, way to go Kolby on the spelling test and sweet letter of apology.

Ande said...

Sounds like a good book, I'll have to look for it. Unfort. we don't get books like that too much here at our book store.

Jennifer Magreevy said...

This sounds really interesting. I've definitely gotten more interested in "thought provoking reads" because fluff books just aren't doing it for me anymore. And as my husband and I are in our dreaded seventh year of marriage (that seven year itch is a real thing!) it might be nice to read.

Paula said...

sounds interesting. I always like trying new authors.

Bek Bek Bek Bekah said...

The title alone interested me. Communication in a relationship is key, that is something that I learned the hard way. I look forward to reading this book. Thank you for the review.