Wednesday, May 4, 2011

An 18 Month Old Boy

I really can't believe that Kimble is 18 months old now.  It's been almost a year since his last heart surgery, and since then, he had done really really well.  Kimble is within the normal limits, developmentally, although he is still behind on some things.  However, because he's been making progress with every checkup, there are no concerns.

Kimble weighs 23 pounds and is in the 25th percentile.  He is all boy, as he climbs atop things, grunts, throws back his head to "butt" you if he is displeased, yells, laughs, babbles, and throws things (especially food). 

He loves to carry around pencils (the kids leave them all over the place), scoot his cars and trucks along the ground, chuck things over the edge of his high chair and his crib, throw items of worth down the stairs, splash the bath water, take walks outside, eat fruit, drink from his bottles, suck on his binkie, and climb onto the bathroom counters via the toilet, not to mention splashing the toilet water if the lid is up, and has recently shown an interest in cartoons.   He is curious and delightful and funny and sweet and we love him!

 He loves to play Peek-a-Boo and hide his face when you say "Where's Kimble?" and he likes songs and dancing.  He likes looking at books and loves feeling the Touch and Feel books, and banging things with his toy hammer.
Kimble has recently begun to have Separation Anxiety.  None of my other kids really had a problem with this, so it's new to me.  He doesn't like being handed off to other people now, but if he's walking around, with me behind him, he likes to interact with others.

Kimble squints when he smiles, and has a cute little nose crinkle as he does it.  With that, combined with his slightly crooked teeth, he is completely charming.

Kimble also LOVES to give us kisses, and they are always very wet.  He likes to make sure he kisses you right on the lips, with an open mouth.  It's adorable, but requires a napkin afterwards!
Happy Birthday sweet Mr. Kimble!!


purejoy said...

wow on the 18 months. doesn't seem possible. so thankful for his "boring" health and for all the milestones he's hitting. what a little {adorable} blessing he is!

Renny's little things said...

he is totally normal. an awesome little reflection of his Mum and Dad. Just too cute. While he has Daddy's looks his smile is so You. The scruched up nose and the eyes are the smile I see you have. It's a True smile. He is so lucky to have you love him so much.
Happy 18th Birthday Kimble (hehe)
Love from Aus
Cheers Geniene

Colleen said...

I love the smiles! Tommy does that same "cheese" smile. Kimble's life reminds me daily that miracles happen all around us!

kendra said...

he is an inspiration!! look at him! You'd never know he started life surrounded by hospital tubes. Love the cute grin and big eyes!