Thursday, May 12, 2011

Class Pictures

The above picture represents my 2nd grade class, taken in 1983.  Mrs. Sexton was my teacher's name, and I clearly remember making fun of it, even though I had no idea what it meant.  I am the little girl in the frumpy dress, sitting on the front row next to Mrs. Sexton.  After I got the picture, and put it in my journal, I thought that I might have a hard time picking myself out.  To ensure that I never forgot which one was me, I took a green marker and colored over my chin.  There!  Now it's marked, and I'll always know who I am.  I remember feeling like I should congratulate myself on my brilliance.

About two months ago, my kids came to me one morning and said it was Class Picture Day, and that if they weren't already preordered and paid for, they wouldn't get a class picture.  Since we didn't preorder or prepay, we didn't get a picture, but I had them sit down in a row of chairs before they left for school, and I took a picture for them.

Then I told them all about my 2nd grade class picture (the only class picture I have) and how I had colored in my chin, to make myself recognizable.  I left out the part of my teacher's name, and how I had made fun of it.

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