Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Last night was Kamyren's crossover ceremony, going from grade school to middle school.  The three fifth grade classes entertained us with songs and dance, which were focused on acceptance, respect, friendship, love, and perseverance.  Kamy was part of a small group that sang "Love can build a bridge" and she did a great job.  After all the music was done, one by one the kids got their certificate of completion, and then crossed over the bridge to be welcomed by a representative from the middle school.  It was all very exciting for them!

 After a snack of cookies and punch, which to Kolby was the best part of the evening, we all headed back home with a middle-schooler in our midst.

We are very excited about the opportunities that Kamy will have in our middle school.  Because it is funded through many organizations which support the military, and because we have such a diverse military community that's within it's boundaries, our district has so many programs available for it's students.  It's going to be really wonderful for Kamy to have more responsibilities and more freedom.  She can't wait for August!

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Maynards said...

What a cool idea with the bridge and stuff. Kamy looks so excited!