Monday, May 23, 2011

I Hadn't Planned To...

This morning I woke up at 5am, to hear Kimble screaming.  He had fallen out of his bed, poor thing.  He had an early bedtime the night before, due to not getting a nap before church, thus at 5am, he had slept 12 hours and was ready for the day, and I guess, to him, that meant being adventurous enough to try to climb out of his crib.   I tried to go back to sleep, after bringing Kimble in bed with me and letting him watch a recorded episode of Curious George, but I had only begun to doze off again, when The Husband's alarm went off.  Trying to sleep, after that, didn't work.  Thus, I hadn't planned to begin my day at daybreak, but I did.

After shuffling the kids off to school, I headed to the gym.  As I was putting my stuff in my locker, I noticed a lady in the far corner, who was doing the same thing.  I recognized her as someone I often see on the treadmill.  I've noticed her since February; for some reason she stuck out to me.  She always has the treadmill on a fast speed with a slight incline.  She holds onto the front bars and walks as fast as she can without running.  Throughout these last few months, I've noticed that her size is getting smaller and smaller, most noticeably her hips.  I always silently root for her, as I pass by her.  Today, for the first time, I saw her in the locker room, instead of on the machine. I took the opportunity to tell her that I had noticed her and could tell that she had lost weight.  We spoke a bit more, and she was beaming the entire time.  I could tell that she needed to hear that.  I hadn't planned on approaching "nameless treadmill girl", but I did, and I'm glad I did.

After my workout, I came home and got busy working on a project I've been consumed with.  I hadn't planned on finishing it, but I did, and I'm super excited about it.  (No details to share yet.)

When lunch was finished, wherein I fixed Kennedy a hot dog (gross) and I had some chicken and strawberries, I went downstairs to tidy up a bit.  I hadn't planned on changing the kitty litter box, but it's a good thing I did, as the ammonia was so strong that I'm sure it surely would have killed us in our sleep had I waited any longer.

With Kimble down for a nap, I was feeling a bit motivated, so even though I hadn't planned to organize the girl's room, that's exactly what happened.  I started off going through the closet under the stairs (which opens up into their room) that housed a collection of crap I hadn't gone through since we moved here.  I made piles to give to thrift stores, piles to give to nephews, piles to give to nieces (all clothes my kids have outgrown), and then organized the rest of the stuff.  Then I moved on to the girls' dressers, where I added to the aforementioned piles, the result of which left me happy to have that burden off my shoulders.  I also made a mental note of what they would need next year for school, even Kennedy, who will be in Kindergarten!

Kimble woke up and joined me downstairs as I got started on sorting through all the toys. I found lots of missing socks, cups, shoes, and rubber bands (we can never seem find them when we need them!).  Then the kids came home from school, and I'm sure they hadn't planned on helping me finish their bedrooms, but that's what happened.  While the girls were going through their shoes and hanging clothes, the boys got their room overhauled as well.  Although I didn't wake up this morning needing to make a trip to the thrift store, that's how my day ended up:  with five bags up for donation, two bags of trash, two bins of clothes and shoes for Kennedy to grow into, and three bags of clothes to be given to nieces and nephews.

Feeling happy, and noticing how long it had been since I brushed my teeth, I went up to my bathroom to do so (I love to brush my teeth many times throughout the day; it just makes me feel good) I immediately caught the residual scent of The Husband's cologne, from when he got ready earlier that morning.  It made me smile.  I hadn't planned on how happy that smell would make me feel.

After some time on the computer, I caught a good deal for a day's pass at a water park.  I hadn't planned on buying that, but I know it'll make for a great summer outing for our family.

Likewise, I've been humming and hawing over getting a zoo pass for the year, and today I finally just bought a family pass.  I'm so excited to be able to take the kids to the zoo, as all of our friends constantly talk about it, and take day trips there.  Finally we can join in! 

Even though I didn't wake up this morning with any of this on my agenda, I'm glad it all happened.  The result of my day was:  clean and super organized bedrooms, a happy gym member, summer activities planned, major project finished, and missing shoes found.  Oh, and a blog post.  Go me!


Jeff and Lori said...

Go Shaina! I would love for my days to go like this. They tend to do just the opposite. :( Way to go!

Shavonne said...

Wow, I'm super impressed with your days accomplishments! It partly makes me feel guilty for how I wasted much of my day, and even more motivated for what I wanted to get done tomorrow! Thanks for the great example (as always)!

purejoy said...

i hadn't planned on being awake at 4:15, but i was… and i decided to get up and work a bit. i didn't plan on catching up on a couple of blogs, but i did. glad i hopped over to see what's been going on with my colorado friends. i'm so glad i did!
sounds like y'all are going to be ready for summer!
my kids have been out of school since early may and i'm driving my daughter down to tuscaloosa today for orientation for nursing school. she starts back on tuesday, but we have family stuff going on this weekend and she didn't want to make the 5 hour trip twice in a week {can't say i blame her}. i'll find some place to volunteer while she's in school, and then we'll head back on thursday.
so with a full morning of work ahead of me and five hours in the car… i hadn't planned on starting my day at 4:15. about to head back to bed and see if i can grab another hour. i sure hope so!
{i also hadn't planned on leaving a novel for a comment. sorry!}

Colleen said...

Sounds like a wonderfully productive day! Sometimes the best days are the unplanned ones.