Friday, May 20, 2011

Story Time With Kolby

Kolby's class had a Story Hour this week.  The kids narrated three stories for their family members.  Kolby was Pablo the Penguin, and he had one line which he said with exuberance.  "I can't wait to go swimming!"

Notice his boots.  Kolby has longed for his own pair of cowboy boots since Keaton got a pair last year for his birthday.  Almost daily, Kolby would put them on, to wear, and was usually thwarted by Keaton's desire to wear them.  Occasionally, Keaton would allow Kolby to wear his boots, which made for a very happy Kolby.  I've been on the lookout for boots at the local thrift stores, and last week I found a pair that were the perfect size for him.  There was even some dirty remnants around the boot heel, which delighted Kolby.  He's barely taken them off, this entire week.  He is one proud cowboy, that's for sure.

 Afterward, Pablo and his 1st grade penguin friends all shared donuts and juice with their family members.  Kennedy sat with all the classmates and ate her donut, while pretending that she was in school too.


courtney said...

I dig the boots too! I get to dress up cow girlish for my play. I am excited but nervous to put on those tight wranglers.

Colleen said...

Go Kolby! Love the boots.