Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day

For Mother's Day, Heath and the kids decided to make me breakfast, which they served to me in bed.  Kamy peeled potatoes and cracked eggs.  Keaton made the orange juice all by himself.  Kolby grated some cheese.  Kennedy was 'Daddy's helper' and Kimble got out lots of items from the bottom drawer, like rolling pins, measuring cups, and flour sifters, just in case they were needed.

I enjoyed reading a book (I'm re-reading the last Harry Potter book), doing some blurb book stuff, and watched one show off of Food Network.  It was a lovely morning.  When we were ready for church (in which The Husband made sure everyone got ready and he even dressed Kimble) we took some individual pictures with me and the kids.  The kids had fun taking the pictures for me.  In this next picture with Kamy, it was Keaton who took the picture.

Kamy took this picture of Keaton and I.  Please ignore the fact that my head looks monstrously big compared to Keaton's.
Keaton took this picture of Kolby and I, which I love. His faces are always so comical.

Kolby took this picture of Kennedy and I.  It's definitely one of my favorite pictures ever!

The Husband took this picture of Kimble, while all the other kids were standing next to him, trying to get Kimble to smile.

Keaton presented me with this beautifully handwritten letter that he wrote at school.  I commended him for his cursive skills, which he was also very proud of.

Kolby drew me a picture at school.  The significance of this picture is what impresses me.  He drew a burglar, in jailhouse stripes, carrying two bags of contraband candy, with a classic circle-with-a-line-through-it.  He said this picture means "I won't steal candy anymore, momma!"

Kolby also wrote this letter to me, and after I read the last statement, I whooped for joy.

Kamy wrote me a lovely letter.  It said "Dear Mom, I love you.  I like your good cooking.  I love everything you do for us.  Thank you for choosing to be my mom. Thank you for letting us have privileges.  Thank you for taking care of me. Thank you for allowing me to go to school.  I appreciate your kindness. W hat I like about you is that you are beautiful.  I like that you like to read.  I also like to watch you type on the computer.  I like how fast you type.  I like to watch you play games on your girls' nights.  I love that you like to sew, knit, or crochet.  I love your way of decorating the house. I am happy you like me.  I am glad you make such delicious dinners, such as sausage penne.  I love that you like plants in the house and let me decorate my walls and have toys.  I love you mom.  Sincerely, Kamy N.

Kamy helped write Kennedy's letter.  She told me that she listened to what Kennedy was saying, and she wrote it down for her.  It said: Dear Mom, I love you mom, with your pretty clothes.  You taught me to write my name.  You allow me to have friends over sometimes. You love me with all your heart.  I'm happy you curl my hair. I like to make you happy.  I like to help you clean up.  I love you.  By: Kennedy

Keaton also wrote me a letter and presented me with some beautiful construction-paper flowers that were in 3-D.  He said: Dear Mom, I love you.  I love your food and how you take care of me and I wanted to give you some real flowers but I couldn't so I gave you fake flowers.  I love you.  Sincerely, Keaton.


Colleen said...

It sounds like the perfect Mother's Day! What sweet letters from the kids; I love that kind of stuff!

Julie said...

Gorgeous pictures! I love your haircut! I've been growing mine out for awhile, and I think it might just be time for me to take some drastic measures as well. You are a very impressive mother, and I'm glad we're friends!

Jen Sue Wild said...

Sounds like you had a fantastic day!! Love the pix.

Karen and Matt said...

Your kids are so cute shaina! Sounds like you had a wonderful Mother's day. =)