Monday, May 16, 2011

A Nursery Story

In my church, when a toddler turns 18 months old, they go into what we call "nursery".  This is a class for kids 18 months to 3 years old.  For two hours, the kids play with toys, have a short lesson, sing songs, eat snack, do crafts...all  in preparation for when they go to primary at age three.

It's usually a great time for them, and none of my kids have ever had an issue with being there.  It's more like "See ya mom.  There's fun to be had!"

So two weeks ago, Kimble turned 18 months old. Usually by the  time your kid's 18 months old, you are very ready for them to be in nursery, simply because they are so busy and energetic and loud during class time.  However, I didn't mind having Kimble with me at all.   The big question was whether I WANTED him to go into nursery.  Because I've been very diligent in keeping Kimble away from public germs as much as possible, I really didn't know if I wanted to expose him to a place where there are lots of other toddlers who share toys and drink from each other's sippy cups when nobody's looking, or standing right next to another kid who is coughing or sneezing. 

Somebody told me "you have to cut the cord eventually", and while I agree to that statement, I was a bit frustrated.  It's hard to explain to people, who don't understand Kimble's circumstances, that I need to keep him as healthy as possible.  An infection for Kimble is a lot more serious than it tends to be for other kids.  As a cardiac baby, there's just more things to consider.

With all that, The Husband and I decided that we'd take him to nursery for story time, lesson, snack, music, and crafts.  We'd remove him during open play time, to try to minimize sharing germs through touching the same toys.  I think as time goes on, especially with cold/flu season ending, that we'd eventually have him in nursery the whole time.  With that, the primary workers have been extra focused on making sure that there aren't any sick kids who try to slip into nursery.  They really want to make sure Kimble stays healthy too!

So, on Sunday, I took Kimble into nursery.  He was not happy about being left in there, so I chilled out in a corner, just to make sure he felt comfortable.  His separation anxiety has gotten worse the past few weeks, so he was pretty clingy.

Eventually, he got off my lap.  But he didn't go far. He kept checking behind him, to make sure I was there.

A little bit further....he was chasing a ball.  He got knocked over and started to whimper when he looked back to find me.

Lesson time!  I was on a little cushion right next to him, so he was content as he listened to the lesson and learned how to be reverent.

I tried to sneak away.  He caught me and clung to my skirt for dear life.  "Don't leave me!"

Hope he gets accustomed to it eventually.  For now, I really don't mind sitting in there with him.  He's my baby boy after all!  I like having him with me.


courtney said...

I am at the stage where Jordyn is loud and tired during RS and so I am out in the hall with her. I understand your worry for Kimble, cuttting the cord is one of those things that you can do with a healthy normal baby, not a special needs baby.

Jennifer Magreevy said...

I'm sure it is difficult to way the pro's and con's in your situation. My son has a genetic abnormality that could result in a low immune system. While he will not (hopefully) have life-threatening situations when he gets sick, it just means he's more likely to pick up every germ. On one side, its nice to know he's building up his immunity. But on the other side, I hate him being sick! Needless to say, I have thre bags of disposable sanitizing wipes in my car, one bag in the diaper bag (all of these are individually wrapped so I can just whip them out to wipe down a high chair or table), a container of foaming sanitizer behind my seat in the car, a bottle of wipes in the door, and a bottle of sanitizer in my purse. Ummm, paranoid? Yep. All it took was one overnight admittance to Children's Hospital with a bad case of RSV...this momma is protecting her cub!!! Now if only they could figure out a way to make a drinkable sanitizer...

Jeff and Lori said...

Totally understand! It took Brielle a couple of months to feel comfortable. It helped when she found a nursery worker she especially liked who could "substitute" for mommy or daddy. Sneaking out never worked for us. She actually did much better (only cried a couple of minutes) when I gave her a "goodbye hug" and said I'll be back. Eventually she was just like your other kids..."see ya Mama!"

Brianne said...

I have a 25 mo old, who refuses to be left in by herself. I am often told to "cut the cord" and am somtimes tempted to ask them to clean up the vomit the next time I sneak out of nursery. She not sometimes but all the time cries to the point of gagging and vomiting. I work 4 hours a week and I leave her with a sitter and she has no problem staying at the sitter. So hopefully she gros out of it.

Renny's little things said...

he is such a little boy now..So beautiful and handsome who would want to let go??
You know what your doing is the best for both of you and when the time is right both of you will know
Cheers and love from Aus