Saturday, May 28, 2011


Keaton has been working on getting his Bear Achievement, in Cub Scouts.  There are a number of things that we need to do as a family, discussions we need to have, outings he needs to participate in and/or plan, as well as things we would normally making cookies!

Keaton and his scout group had an end-of-the-year party this week, and so Keaton made chocolate chip cookies (with my help) to contribute, and in so doing, marked off Requirement 9a.  At the party, we sat as a family and enjoyed the BBQ fixin's, while sitting on our picnic blanket, after Keaton "cooked" his own hamburger over the grill.  Requirement 9g complete!

While the cookies were cooking, Keaton took the opportunity to call his grandparents, to talk with them about what life was like when they were young.  He learned from grandma that she liked to play hopscotch and jacks, and that she loved her dollies.  He listened to grandpa talk about how he went to a "weird" school that was all concrete, and how he liked going sledding down big hills.  Requirement 8d complete.

He also talked with grandpa about what scouting was like "in the olden days".  Since my dad wasn't a scout growing up, he talked about all the years he was a scout leader instead, and told Keaton that they had rock climbing walls, did archery, went canoeing, and had plenty of campouts.  It was like living the dream, for Keaton.  He loved listening to the stories.  Requirement 8b complete.

As Keaton was chatting away, Kimble was having a great time stealing cookies off the countertops.  Clever little boy!  His reach always surprises me.

Keaton has also been writing in his journal for two weeks, as part of another requirement.  He's not done with it yet, but it's definitely a work in progress.  He is supposed to write about what he did everyday.  The first few days of his journal were almost identical:  "Woke up.  Eat.  Brush teeth.  Went to school.   Came home.  Did homework. Did chores.  Ate dinner.  Went to bed."  Boy, that's some great detail, Keaton!  Since then, he's been working on expounding a bit, on his day.  We'll continue to check his progress with that.

Keaton and The Husband spent some time last weekend, talking about bike safety, doing routine maintenance on his bike, and going for bike rides.  All of this count towards requirements as well.  It's been fun to find new things to do, and check them off the list.  Keaton also has scout day camp coming up in a few weeks, which thrills him.  He is most excited about archery, target shooting, and horseback riding!

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Nicki said...

I'd be stealin one of those cookies too. Way to go Keaton! What a great scout you must be. And what a mom to help you do it all:)