Sunday, May 15, 2011

Simple Shades

Last week, Keaton found his long-gone flexible shades that he got after his eyes were dilated years and years ago.  How we still had these, after we had moved three times since that particular eye appointment, I have no idea.  Nevertheless, he was thrilled.  He wore them outside all afternoon, and has since been spotted wearing them at the dinner table, in the bathroom and while watching tv.  They are pretty cool shades, afterall.  They are his super shades, and they also give him extra "force" while pretending to be a star wars jedi.

This next picture was  taken right after said appointment, in 2008.  It was taken with my cell phone camera.  The picture after that was taken last week.

Sometimes it's the small and simple shades that make a person's day.


Maynards said...

It was fun to see how much he has changed between the two pictures. I think those shades could be the next style!
Hey, if you get a sec. I would love to have you put your exercise story on my blog. I know you have one and that you are currently working on a goal. It is inspirational, go for it.

Colleen said...

Smooth... :)