Monday, May 2, 2011


In 1983, two things happened.  First, I discovered that two ponytails were better than one, and second, the most amazing DOS game was made.  SLEUTH very much resembles CLUE, where you are the inspector, and must work your way through the "mansion" to question guests, examine object to find the murder weapon, and ultimately discover who the murderer is.  Sometimes the guests are not very cooperative, and you must insist on getting their alibi.  Sometimes the murder weapon is difficult to find.  Then, you have to figure out which room the murder occurred in.  If you take too long, the murderer begins to get suspicious of you, and will begin to stalk you if you aren't careful!

Better yet, you can personalize the game, by putting in names of people you know.  It is so much fun to see your name pop up on the screen, and read "With a sigh, Shaina replies 'I spent the entire evening with Kim in the study.  Now if you don't mind, I suggest you question Heath!  Everyone knows he is capable of murder!'"

I spent many a happy hour throughout my childhood with eyes locked on the computer screen, while moving the arrow keys back and forth to move the inspector through the different rooms.  With a notepad by my side, I meticulously wrote down everyone's alibi's and compared them until I discovered who was lying!  Then it was a game of beating the clock, while trying to make it to the scene of the crime, gather all the suspects, and accuse...all before the murderer claims you as his next victim!

Lucky for me, this gem of a game is still out in cyberspace, and available for free download.  Simply GO HERE, scroll down to downloads, and download both the game and the manual (that is the instructions on how to play). 

Even though this is an ancient DOS game, and there are no graphics to speak of, it brings me such simple pleasure.  I squealed with delight, years ago, when I discovered it again.  Now, if I can only find another old DOS game, where we had to build the hamburgers as shown in sample, by shooting down, in perfect order, the buns, burgers, lettuce and tomatoes as they were all scrolling across the screen with different speeds.  Once again...simple pleasures.


runningfan said...

I never realized how much your kids look like you! Wow!

courtney said...

I was thinking of that game called egg drop? (I think) and also the one on the computer where you had to find the last crystal or dark crystal or something like that. I remember carrying a pig, and going across a mote with allegaters. Memories...