Saturday, May 7, 2011

This Guy

This guy and I woke up to Mr. Kimble crying in his crib, ready to be up for the day.

This guy went back to sleep after I got up, and woke up (again) to Mr. Kimble lying right next to him in bed, snuggled under the covers, watching Olivia on Nick Jr.

This guy took charge of the morning chores and the "but I don't wanna brush my teeth" excuses from all the kids, while I went to a church sponsored workshop (Stake RS activity) which left me feeling uplifted and motivated.

This guy said I looked fantastic, combined with the fact that I was wearing a skirt that I hadn't worn in a number of years, made me feel extra good.

This guy went on a bike ride in the afternoon because it was too beautiful of a day to pass up.

This guy called his mother  today, to tell her he loved her and to wish her an early 'Happy Mother's Day'.

This guy exchanged lots of slobbery kisses with Kimble, who is very proud of his new trick.

This guy took me on a date tonight, in which we took this picture, then stopped in on two families from our old neck of the woods, and enjoyed catching up.  We also went out to eat courtesy of a gift card our dear friends gave us, and offered me bites of his dinner and drinks of his lemonade.   Then we went to the grocery store where he picked up a few items necessary for the breakfast he and the kids plan on making me tomorrow.

This guy also threw into the shopping cart, some manly body wash and extra-hold hairspray.  "For the wife" he said to the cashier, when said items were discussed.

This guy unloaded all the groceries when we got home, then sat down and played with Kimble, who was up because he threw up all over his bedsheets while we were gone.

This guy took one look at me cleaning up the bedsheets, said "Eww", and left me to finish the job.

That's my guy!  I sure love him.


Maynards said...

Cute post and ADORABLE picture of the two of you. You look so good Shaina!

Ryan said...

Happy Late Mothers day to you! I loved reading your several posts that I had to catch up on. Also, love your hair--it always looks so cute. Hope you are well and that spring is finding its way to you guys. This is Nicki