Friday, May 27, 2011

A Week of Kimble

Since Kimble is with me almost all the time, he gets his picture taken more than anyone else.  Sometimes he is aware of the picture (and automatically says "Cheese!") and sometimes he has no clue, like this next picture.  He was completely zonked out after church last Sunday.  I didn't even try to keep him asleep, after bringing him in from the car, but there was no rousing him. He was out.

He gets thrilled when he goes outside now, and I can tell he likes to act "big" like the other kids.  If he's at the door, and I don't let him outside, he gets so upset!  We had a sprinkling of showers this week, and since it was so warm out, I let the kids stay outside during it.  Kimble loved it!

During Kamy's crossover ceremony, The Husband had control over Kimble most of the time, which included a bit of "stand up and walk around" amusement, but my oh my, they are so cute together!

Kimble even helped Daddy dig up the dead parts of the lawn, to re-fertilize and re-seed it.  They made quite a team!

Bath time involves his favorite toys: Cars.  Kimble can now "vroom" them all over the place, even along the edge of the tub.

No longer do we need to cut up watermelon for Kimble.  He chops it down to the rind, then wants more.  Yum!

Now school is officially over for the summer.  I'm sure we'll have a lot more pictures to come, and they will include the other four kids as well!

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