Thursday, June 23, 2011


It seems like Mr. Kimble is growing up a little more everyday.  He decided he won't eat anything, unless he has a fork.  He wants his own sippy cup at dinner.  He climbs up our tall kitchen  chairs, so that he can sit at the table like everyone else.  Then he climbs onto the table, and throws off everything he can.  Kimble vocalizes his displeasures by repeatedly screaming with a high-pitch squeal.  When Kimble wakes up in the morning, he yells and yells to let it be known that he's awake, and then starts chucking everything out of his bed and onto the floor.  Kimble will take off his diaper, if it's the only thing he has on.   He hasn't learned how to take  off his clothes yet, thank goodness.  Kimble no longer requires warm milk in his bottle.  Cold will do just fine, but if we are late getting it, he'll yell.  His binkies are few and far between (somewhere in this house are 13 binkies) and we only use them at bedtime, but he likes to push his finger through the part he's supposed to suck on, and slightly chews on it instead.  It's just about time to say goodbye to the binkies, and the bottles...but I really like the ease of which he goes to sleep at night, due to those two things.

Instead of coming when you call him, he runs the other way in glee.  He likes to hit Georgie on the head.  He likes to play with the panic button on my car key.  He doesn't want to lie down in the bath, and hates getting his hair washed and rinsed.  He tries to go down the stairs by stepping down them, insead of sliding down on his belly.  He likes to play with the dirt in my potted plants.  He pulls out everything he can, in my kitchen cupboards.  He thinks toilet water is fun to play in.

In essence, he is a normal baby, growing into a toddler.  He is a lot of work, but he is also so much fun.

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Colleen said...

Sounds so much like his buddy Tommy! Hooray for healthy baby boys!