Monday, June 20, 2011

Heart Baby Reunion

It was time once again to have a heart baby reunion with the two other families that were in the CICU at the same time we were.  Kimble, Chance and Adam all had heart surgeries and other procedures done during their first few weeks of life.  The last time we all got together, was when we donated the blankets to The Children's Hospital on their first birthday.  Now our boys are 19 months old and they are all doing so great!  (Little Chance broke his leg about a month ago, going down a slide. These boys of ours are becoming fearless!)

Kimble didn't want to stay seated for the pictures, and the last time we plopped him back down, after trying to get up and run around, he started crying.

After we visited at my house for a few hours, where we ate a delicious BBQ lunch, we drove up into the canyon to play around outside.  Here is a group picture of all three families.

These steps provided another opportunity to get a picture of the three boys.

We let everyone play in the stream for a while. All the kids loved the freedom of doing whatever they wanted to.

For a while, I sat with Kimble on this bridge, as we watched everyone play.

Georgie must have climbed these steps three or four times, to go up to the bathrooms.  Don't know what was up with her bladder that day, but all the lemonade she drank at lunch probably contributed.

Much to Kimble's delight, I let him loose.  He was enthralled with the bridge, and just wanted to run back and forth across it.  Only problem was that his speed was dangerous, and could have fallen over at any moment. Even worse, he could have nose-planted off the edge and landed in the rocky stream. So, I was kept on my toes, running behind him, back and forth, in effort to be his safety net, should he need it.  Finally the stress was too much, and I scooped him up and we played somewhere far away from the bridge.

Then we started our hike up Helen Hunt Falls (not named after the actress) and it was pretty much the most perfect day to hike.

All the dads held their baby boys. I loved it!

After the hike, and more playing in the stream, and just a bit more visiting, we said goodbye to the two families.  We'll see each other again, when the boys turn two!


Julia said...

What a beautiful post! What healthy looking little boys! Blessings have fallen your way.

Maynards said...

Wow, what a great reunion. You all have so much to celebrate! And look great!

Shavonne said...

Fun! Looks like a beautiful place to hike. Glad to see how good all those boys are doing!

courtney said...

I love how all these babies survied and are thriving so you can celebrate their health every year.

Julie said...

It was so much fun to get together! Thanks for having us over. We always look forward to our reunions- can't wait for November!