Tuesday, June 7, 2011

"Her Earrings Got Pierced!"

Kamy succeeded in writing in her journal for two months, so it was time to reward her with getting her ears pierced, or as Georgie said all morning, "She's going to get her earrings pierced!"

So we loaded up everyone and took off for the mall.  Once there, we picked out some small cz earrings that she liked, and Kamy nervously sat in the chair.  Although she wanted her ears pierced, she was really nervous about the "pinch".

After determining that the markings were even, the lady loaded the piercing gun with the earrings, and then did it!

"It wasn't that bad" Kamy said.  It  felt a little better after she put the solution on, because apparently it helps it feel better, although that all might be more by power of suggestion, than anything else.

What was so cute, was seeing Georgie watch what was happening. I fully expected her to be grumpy because she wasn't getting pretty earrings too, but instead, she was just so excited for Kamy.  I think this next picture, taken when Kamy was getting her ears pierced, speaks a thousand words.

Kamy loved the way her earrings looks, and right away, it seemed to me like she had aged a few years.

Afterwards, we all went to costco and the kids enjoyed all the samples, as I did my shopping.

Here is what Kamy wrote, this morning, in her journal: 
"Yesterday an awesome thing happened!  I got my ears pierced. I chose this type of earring that looks like a diamond, but it is glass.  When I got them pierced, it stinged.  Here, I'll draw a picture of the piercing guns.  (Then she drew a picture)  This lady gave me this medicine that helps my ears.  I have to keep my earrings in for 8 weeks, and use the cleaning stuff three times a day.  I can't even take them out in the shower or bed. I look great with my earrings in, and plus, I love them!"


Sharon said...

cute! I'm so excited for Kamy!!

Colleen said...

Beautiful girl! I am so excited for her.

Maynards said...

Getting your ears pierced is a big event! Congrats fo Kamy. And Mary has that same shirt. I LOVE it!

April said...

I love the journal entry that is so cute, and she does look older! Kali is getting hers done for her birthday this year since she's turning 8; she is beyond excited! Kennedy's face is priceless, you have beautiful girls!