Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Kennedy's Drawings

Kennedy spends all day "writing in her journal".  It's filled with drawings on every page.  Her pictures have transformed from heads with lines coming out of them, to ladies that have dresses, shoes, and accessories.  She loves to write her name atop every page.  Some pages have lots of random letters across the top, like "LBGEXIOOS" and then she'll come to me and say "I'm gonna read you what I wrote Momma.  It says 'I love you so much. You make pretty things and wear pretty lipstick. I am happy when you wake me up in the morning.' and then she'll give me a kiss on the cheek, hold out her cheek to be kissed, and then go back to drawing more pictures.  Such a sweet girl I have...when she's not being feisty!

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