Monday, June 27, 2011

Last Week

Last week, Kimble had his first donut.  It was big and sugary and all over the place by the time he was done eating it.  He left half of it in crumbles, around him in the grass.  I'm sure it made for some yummy ant food!

Last week, I hosted my first Girl's Night at my house, since moving to our new area.  I had about 35 ladies come, and we laughed the hours away until 3am, when the last of the gals left.  I think that meant it was a success! I can't believe I didn't take any pictures the entire evening. Guess I was just having too much fun!  By the way, I made my Chicken Enchilada Dip, and once again, it was a party favorite. If you have something coming up, where you have to contribute some yummy food, this dip will never disappoint!

Last week, I made tons of Chenille Burp Cloths and Krinkle Toys for baby shower gifts.   I had about seven girlfriends to make gifts for, so it amounted to a lot of sewing, but they all turned out so cute. I really love making things for babies!

Last week, my kids played outside everyday. We've been able to enjoy weather in the 90's and although hot, it's been a lovely summer so far!

Last week, I waited until Friday, to fold all the laundry I had done everyday throughout the week. Big mistake.  It just takes too long and I end up dreading it.  This week, I'm folding as I go.  It's always the better option, even if it's the road less traveled.

Last week,  I painted my toenails red, instead of the usual rosy brown.  I feel sassy.

Last week, I went to the Library five separate times, to drop off due books, and pick up books that we had on our hold queue.  I even checked out the Lego Harry Potter wii game, and my kids couldn't stop saying "I love you" to me.

Last week, I made a tarp/tent for The Husband to take on his bikepacking adventure that he's doing next week.  He is so excited about it.

Last week, I had all the kids organize all of our dvd's. They spent a few hours doing it, and actually enjoyed it!

Well, I guess that's all I wanted to bring up.


Colleen said...

Good week!

kendra said...

I love the new picture at the top of your blog. I can tell you are working hard. You look GREAT!

purejoy said...

THIS week… I'd love to have your kids over to organize our DVDs. AND our CDs!! Please oh please!!??

Jeff and Lori said...

Busy week! And ingenious kid activity...productive and time consuming!