Thursday, June 23, 2011

Not Just Yet

Ah.  If there is any one of my kids who desires to be grown up with all her heart, it's my little Georgie.  She gazes longingly at all the lovely ladies wearing heels, jewelry, and makeup.   She asks how long it will be until she can drive.  She wants to be a mommy and still thinks she has a baby in her tummy.  She no longer wants to be called by her childhood nickname of Georgie.  Kennedy is her name, and shame on me if I forget to call her that.  She likes to eat all the spicy food that her daddy eats.  She also wants to have a big bike, like all of her other siblings.

Georgie Kennedy has been asking us for a while now, to take off her training wheels.  She has declared herself done with all things deemed to be for little girls.  We have continually told her that she's not ready yet.  However, she would not be swayed.  She was so dramatic, in her desire to have them off, that we finally relented, with a warning that she still wasn't ready.  She'd look at us like "what do you know?" and when she finally got her way, she was thrilled.

Keaton took the time to take off her training wheels, and when Kennedy was prepared with a helmet and tennis shoes (not to mention a sweater, in 90 degree heat) she was ready to go.

She struggled to get on, and couldn't balance herself even with us holding it.  Keaton tried to push her and get her steady with a little speed, but Kennedy still fell to the side.  That, and she wouldn't pedal, because she was so unsteady.

I tried helping her, but I knew she wasn't quite ready yet. She still relied completely on her training wheels.  When I told her she still needed more time, she was beside herself with grief.

We made a compromise, and only put one training wheel back on.  In a week, we'll switch sides.  Hopefully this will help her with her goal, of riding a two-wheeler!


purejoy said...

aww. bless her heart. it's hard to be a younger in a family of lots of olders. makes that quest to be a big kid so important.
i used to tell my son that even though he looks all grown up (this was when he was about 16-17) he was still like a half cooked cupcake (not a very manly picture, but he received it well) that looked delicious from the outside, but was still raging samonella on the inside. ha! he understood and spent time savoring the season of life he was at.
not that it makes it any easier.
i was the youngest of four and remember always longing for that "next thing." the good thing is she'll be really learning skills of perserverance (sp) and problem solving. she's such a cutie! even when she's pouty! ;)

Jen Sue Wild said...

Oh Kennedy I love you girl.

Adri said...

Have you tried lowering her seat? Both my kids learned quickly with their seats REALLY low so they could have lots of ground leverage.

Go Georgie! (who I still can't imagine as Kennedy)

Amy said...

I've also heard to take the pedals off. They scoot with their feet while learning to balance then it is a lot easier to add the pedals later.

courtney said...

I was going to say the same thing as Adri, lower her seat, it makes a huge difference if they feel they can set their feet down easily without tipping at the same time.

shaina said...

Those are some good tips for when she is ready. Her biggest problem is that she's not even close to being stable. She just barely started riding her bike, about a month ago. Time is all she needs!

Colleen said...

Aw! Poor Kennedy! What a sad face!