Saturday, June 11, 2011


Today seemed like a nice day to go for a hike.  The Husband wanted to bike the same route he took a few weeks ago, up to a reservoir in the mountains, and asked us to meet him up there, at a specific location.  Well, things happened and we never found each other.  Without cell coverage, and not being familiar with the area, it was a lost cause.

Not to dampen the day, the kids and I had a picnic lunch at the waterfront, and then we went on a hike along the reservoir.  Actually, all during this time, I kept thinking that we'd finally find each other, but alas, it didn't happen.  Here are the kids, at the start of the trail, which you can see in the background.

I had Kimble in the backpack carrier, which he  loved, but man is he getting heavy!

The kids took off down the trail, anxious as always. They love going hiking!

We took a few pictures along the way.  Here, a fallen log gave us a photogenic moment.

Kolby stayed with me, declaring himself to be my partner.  He also wanted to hold my hand. Sweet!

I jumped in this next picture, because I like proving that I'm there as well!

The water was so pretty to look at.  I loved the trail we were on.  Kimble was excited to get out of the carrier for a minute.  In my haste to get everyone ready, with lunches packed, and supplies we needed, I neglected to get Kimble shoes.  I did the same thing last week at the zoo, forgetting his shoes.  Darn it.  It sure prevented him from being able to walk around and enjoy himself.

The boys found great "slingshot" sticks,which they brought home and will surely use their black shoelaces from  their Sunday shoes to complete the slingshot, just like they did with all of their other fake slingshots.

We got off the trail a bit and played around some giant rocks at the edge of the water.

Keaton climbed to the top of the biggest one and declared himself King of the World.

You can see in the background that a storm is brewing.  Lighting started striking. Thunder started booming. Wind started I suggested to the kids that we were done with our hike!

Here's Kolby, showing the storm in the distance.

One really quick dip in the water (up to the ankles),  just to prove that the water was as cold as it was, and then we took off back to the trail, and back to the car.

Once we were about half and hour down the mountain, our cell coverage returned, and we discovered that The Husband had given up on the search for us, and had headed back as well.  Possibly another time, we can manage a hike together.  Here's hoping.

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