Sunday, June 5, 2011

Scavenger Date

About a month ago, The Husband asked me what I wanted for my birthday.  I told him I wanted a Scavenger Hunt.  Years ago, during our California days, we participated in frequent date nights, with groups of friends, and we would make up scavenger hunts to go on.  Sometimes the guys planned it; sometimes the girls planned it.  They were always different, always fun, and always a memorable evening.  It's a great way to get to know the people you are with.

One time, for Valentine's Day, the ladies all planned the date.  We sent our husband's to See's Candy, to get us chocolates.  Then to Victoria's Secret, to get us lipgloss.  Then they went to Costco to get us flowers, and ended up meeting us at Olive Garden, with their armload of gifts for us.  Once there, we played the Newlywed Game, while we ate dinner, and it was a blast!

Another time, our date involved three couples.  The guys all had birthdays within a few weeks of each other, so we made up a scavenger hunt that sent them to some of their favorite places, where gifts awaited them.  However, they will say the most memorable part of that date, was when we blindfolded them at the start of the date, and left them in a dark and noisy place, told them not to take off their blindfolds until they heard the timer buzz, then they could read their first clue.  What's even more funny, is that they all thought they were alone.  They had  no idea their two buddies were right next to them, blindfolded as well, and wearing matching shirts!  Matchy matchy!!

Well, last night wasn't my birthday.  It's next week, but last night was the planned night for my birthday scavenger hunt.  To make it more celebratory, it happened to be our anniversary, so it was a fantastic night to go out on a date and have some fun!

We asked five other couples (from our old neck of the woods) to join us for our date.  We all met at one of their houses, where we took a group picture.  Then the guys took off 10 minutes ahead of us, where they dropped off the clues at the places we would go.

The first clue read: "It's really hot out.  It would be real nice, if you started this little adventure, powered up with a big cup of crushed ice."  Of course, we headed to Sonic!  I have a deep addiction to Sonic's crushed ice. I buy it by the bagfull, and eat it all day long.  Here is our picture (minus Adri who took it) as we waited for our Sonic drinks laced with delicious crushed ice!

We asked the waitress if she had a clue for us, and indeed she did.  As we sipped our drinks, we read the next clue, which said "Now that you're cool, you should look the part.  Dress for Less and be smart.  Try getting just one shirt...not the whole cart!"  It was quickly apparent that we were being sent to all my favorite places.  It was my birthday, afterall!  So we headed to ROSS!!  I love shopping at Ross.  Almost my entire wardrobe is from Ross.  (Can you believe we took this picture by ourselves?  We got skills!)

So most of us bought something there, and of course, I bought a shirt.  When we had made our purchases, we went to the Customer Service desk, and asked them if they had a clue for us.  "A clue?  What do you mean?"  she said..but then her smile gave it away.  "Yes, I have your next clue!"  Most people are always happy to play along with our scavenger hunts. We've never had anyone refuse to keep a clue for us, and most of them like the idea of it.

The next clue read: "Now that's completed; Your right on Target.  Get some knee-high socks, and try not to charge it!!!"  So we headed across the parking lot, to Target, where I picked out three pairs of knee-high socks, which happen to be my most favorite piece of clothing.  I love knee-high socks!!

After going to the Customer Service desk, to get our clue, we read: "Don't go too far, in your car.  JoAnn can help you find the perfect yard."  Whahoooo!!!  JoAnn Fabric was right across the way, so we browsed through all the fabric choices until Adri found one that she liked.  We had a yard cut out, paid for it, then got our next clue!

This one surprised us!  "Growing up on a ranch, you'll know this smell for sure.  Time to get just a little LOWE and dirty, with a bag of grass seed and steer manure.  (Scotts high traffic grass seed)"   Seems like a "gag" gift was in order.  Also, The Husband had been working on our lawn last week, and ran out of grass seed and fertilizer.  Looks like we were the lucky ones to replenish his supply, by going to Lowes.  Little does he know that I'll forever tell people that he got me steer manure for my birthday.

After that purchase, our next clue said "Your work is done, and it's time for some fun.  Make your way to the East gate of Peterson."  Peterson AFB was just south of where we were, so when we arrived at the gate, we met up with the guys, who had been waiting for us.

Together, we found a park to eat at, and we were all complaining of starvation at that point, so it's a good thing the guys had our food.  They had picked up some Panda Express for all of us, and we ate outside and enjoyed the lovely weather.

Oh, but the night's not over yet!!  Time for some WACKY Bowling!!  Next post...


runningfan said...

Good times, good times! Thanks for including us. BTW, all of your pictures came through via email. Thank you!

Ryan said...

I'm going to have Ryan read this post! That is so fun. Hope you had a great annniversary and that next weeks birthday is awesome. Lots of love to you! Nicki

Julia said...

I want to be in your group of friends!!!!!