Friday, June 3, 2011

Summer Rewards

Today brought rewards for the kids.  Last night the kids did really well, during an unanticipated absence of both The Husband and I, and so I told them I'd take them to get ice cream cones.  I just wish that I had participated, a little more, in their clothing choices, since I have now made this picture my blog title!  Oh well.

It was another beautiful day, in the high 80s, and so they ate their ice cream at a local park, while climbing on fake rocks, swinging, playing tag, and racing down slides.

This afternoon, Keaton surprised me with a necklace he made me.  It has an 'M' on it.  "M is for Mom!" Keaton explained.  So I wore it proudly. He is a very sweet and thoughtful boy!  (The necklace is a cardboard square, colored and carefully cut out, with a string of yarn tied around my neck.)

After Kimble got enough licks of ice cream from everyone's cones, he took to the swing.  As soon as I put him in, and pushed him, he raised his arms out wide and said "Weeee!"  It was so cute.  Another word to add to the list!

Georgie loves pushing him.  They giggle back and forth at each other.

Then we went to the library, where the kids got to pick out two books each.  They also signed themselves up for the summer reading program, which Kolby did begrudgingly.  You'll notice him standing in line, waiting his turn, and wasn't the least bit excited about it.

When Kimble started climbing on all the tables, and knocking down all the books on the shelves, we came home.  After playing outside, eating spaghetti for dinner, and taking showers, the kids are all nestled together on the couch, watching the second Harry Potter movie, which they checked out at the library, along with their two books each.

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Colleen said...

A great day indeed!