Sunday, June 5, 2011

Wacky Bowling

Crazy bowling.  Wacky Bowling.  Almost-pee-your-pants-laughing-so-hard bowling.  This is not your ordinary game of bowling!  (How fitting that the bowling alley already had a birthday sign up!!)

The eve before our date, The Husband and I brainstormed up some funny "wacky bowling" ideas.  We've done this before, with different couples, and it always makes for a fun evening.  So much better than just plain bowling.  We even called a friend, to get more ideas (hi Valerie!) and by the time we were done, we had a huge list.

Here's the idea.  You get a group of friends together to bowl.  Before each turn, you must draw a slip of paper that tells you how to bowl.   On each slip of paper is written something like "Do the funky chicken dance as you bowl" or "Moonwalk your approach" or "Bowl opposite your dominant hand".  You get the idea.  The more bizarre you are willing to go, the more entertaining it is.  For example, this next picture demonstrates "Bowl through your spouse's legs".  Heidi was very accommodating!

We tag-teamed a lot, with our spouses during wacky bowling.  For the next picture, Katie had to thread her arms through her spouse, standing from behind, and bowl.

Adri and Chad are demonstrating "Bowl on your stomach" and "Sing I'm A Little Teapot (complete with actions) before you bowl".

 Adam had "hold your best pro-bowler stance, after you bowl, until your ball comes back up".

...and quite possibly my favorite of the night, was this gem.  "Bowl a strike.  If you don't get a strike, you must french kiss your spouse until the count of ten".  Boy did Adam and Colleen go all out! It's a good thing the bowling alley was practically empty, although we were great entertainment for the bowling staff, on such a slow night.  Also, we counted REALLY slow, so they definitely had plenty of time for some good make-out.  What good sports!

We loved watching everyone's personalities come out.  Definitely lots of laughing going on, through the night.

One last picture, of Adri "bowling through your spouse", as we went through all the slips of wacky bowling twice.

Here's the rest of our Wacky Bowling List, should any of you feel so inclined to have yourselves a group date.  You won't be sorry!  (Remember, this isn't about getting a high score!  I think I bowled my all-time lowest score, but it doesn't matter.  You'll have more fun "wacky bowling", than regular bowling!)

Moonwalk your approach.  Bowl opposite your dominant hand.  Granny bowl.  Spin around 3 times before you bowl.  Yell “Don’t look at my butt” before you bowl.  Impersonate Elvis, as you bowl.  As you bowl, say this, in a Texas drawl “Take this you yella-lilly-livered-varmit!”.  Hopscotch your approach.  Sing (with actions) “I’m a little Teapot”.  Bowl backwards.  Do lunges for your approach.  Tippy toe your approach.  Hop like a bunny as you bowl.  Skip your approach. 
Bowl with your eyes closed.  Do a pirouette before you bowl.  Bowl with flapping chicken wings.  Bowl on your stomach .  Bowl like you are a secret spy.  Bowl through your spouses legs.  Sit and bowl.  Bowl in slow motion.  Try to bounce back a gutter ball.  Only knock down 1 pin.  Bowl like you would for an instructional video, with commentary.  Hold your best “pro bowler” stance after you bowl, until the ball comes back up.  Show us your sweet Napoleon Dynamite moves. 
Bowl like you are a runway model.  Bowl like you are in labor.  Do the funky chicken dance as you bowl.  Pretend to be your spouse, as you bowl.  Thread your arms through your spouse, while standing behind him/her, and bowl.  Yell “Look at me! I’m a princess!” as you bowl.  Throw a fit.  Roar like a dinosaur, as you bowl.  Cha-cha-cha your approach.  Wiggle your butt while you bowl.  Bowl like a drunkard.  Talk “pirate” as you bowl.  Ask a neighbor to bowl for you.  Compliment your spouse, before you bowl.  Bowl like a caveman.  Exaggerate every movement. 
Bowl like you are an octopus and can’t stop moving your arms and legs.  Walk the “graduation” walk, as you are bowling.  Blow kisses to everyone, as you bowl.  Do a beauty pageant wave as you bowl.  Yell “Kiss my grits” as you bowl.  Get a strike.  If you don’t strike, you must French kiss your spouse until everyone counts to 10.  High 5 everyone in the next lane.  Do a heel kick, on your approach.  Gallop and whinny like a horse.  Do a wolf howl as you bowl.  Dance Thriller as you bowl.  Do 4 butt-clenches before you bowl.  Bowl between your legs, facing backwards.


Colleen said...

Ah, such fun! We loved the entire night! SO glad we could be a part of your birthday celebration.

courtney said...

That sounds like such a fun date. I personally would like to draw the french kissing one!

Ande said...

man I miss those dates!!! Maybe I'll steal your idea for here when Tom gets back.

Heidi said...

You do the best dates!! What a totally fun idea!

Jennifer Sevarns said...

For special Olympics bowling fundraiser we do this but just every other frame. One of our favorites is to bowl with a balloon between your knees.

Jennifer Sevarns said...

We like bowl with a balloon between your knees too!

jenny perez said...

This is seriously the most comprehensive and fun list i have seen! I am planning my daughter's surprise 16th bowling birthday party and I am going to use some of these ideas! Thanks :)
Jenny @