Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Date on Four Wheels

On our last day there, with all the kids anxiously gathered around the table while watching Oma make pizzas for a late lunch, Heath and I escaped for a few hours, to have a date on a four-wheeler.

First, we went up through some old trails, leading to the canyon where we had our horseback-riding-in-the-rain a few mornings before.  We enjoyed riding through the fields, going up and down the hilly terrain.  We stumbled across a momma cow and her newborn calf, making sure to keep our distance so she wouldn't think we meant harm.  Basically, we just enjoyed being together...and alone!  Four wheeling is fun when no kids are involved!  (Yes, I'm wearing capris, with knee-high socks, and cowboy boots.  Anything goes on the farm!!)

We investigated this rocky outcropping high up on a hill, which overlooked the valley.  It was lovely! Both The Husband and I took turns climbing up and posing for a picture.

On the drive back down, we stopped at an abandoned piece of property that Ron and Chris's family owns.  Inside the old barn was a rooster who was fixated with looking at himself in that mirror.  Poor lonely rooster!

We also took advantage of the 10 second delay button, on my camera, to take this next picture (which involved me frantically running across the field, straddling the fence, and kissing The Husband, all before the beep sounded and the picture was taken).  Dates are fun, no matter how long you've been married!

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Shavonne said...

Cute pictures of all your farm activities! And I really like you kissing one, It turned out well :) So glad you had the opportunity to do that and give the kiddos a taste of farm life!