Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Family Reunion {Day 1}

I've said it before and I'll say it again.  I sure do love my family!  We didn't always get along when we were younger.  These stories might demonstrate:

My sister Kim and I shared a room our whole lives, and even with duct-tape lines being drawn on the ground, with her side having the door, thus preventing me from ever coming in, we remained best friends. 

There were many times when my parents would come home, only to find me sitting on my sister Rebekah, because it was the only way I could get her to settle down. 

My brother Jamie and I did not get along until he was 21.  It's safe to say we hated each other.  So glad times have changed.

Sometimes, with nobody to watch my baby sister Nancy, she went to work with me at the theater, and had to sit the whole time on a tiny stool, behind the counter.

Shavonne liked to take mental pictures of my bedroom, so she could come back in when I wasn't there, and take what she wanted.  One time, before leaving to go back to college, she managed to take two pairs of my jeans (which were packed up) and thus, I was deficient proper attire when I got to college.

Sharon liked all things candy.  If you had sweets, you better hold it dear, because she was the one who would take it without a moment's pause.

Warren is the oldest, and thus, felt it his responsibility to lay down the law everytime he was in charge.  It didn't always go over too well.

Courtney liked to act like a cat, and purr her way into our laps, and she could tweak her shoulders in such a way that she really looked like a cat walking on all fours.  As much fun as she had trying to curl up next to us, we had fun knocking her off the couch and pushing her away with our feet.

My baby brother Ian got the brunt of being the only boy in a sea of girls.  We dressed him up in frilly undies and put pretty berets in his hair, and then would parade him up and down the street to show off his loveliness.

But now, whenever we get together, it's pure happiness and love!  We are all best friends, and I couldn't be happier about that.  Families are the best.

Our reunion started Thursday night, with all the guys getting together to play Halo (a video game) at one of the houses.  Their party went until about 3am.  With the men all sleeping in that morning, the girls got together for brunch.  At least, that's what we called it, but in reality, we had planned a secret baby shower for Shavonne, because we are all thrilled about the fact that she's having a baby!!!  So we had breakfast, then put her in the spotlight, as surprised as she was, and we presented her with gifts galore.  It was so fun to be together with all my sisters, my mom, and my sister-in-laws (who are as close as my sisters are)!  It was a great start to the reunion.

After a quick change of clothes, and preparations were made for lunch, we headed to the reservoir to swim the afternoon away. We had planned on staying for 4 or 5 hours, and brought enough food to account for that, so after setting up our tents and spreading out our blankets, we sat back and enjoyed the sun. Here are my parents, having fun watching my brother throw his nieces and nephews around in the water.

Kolby liked the water, but he also liked playing on the beach with his cousins.

Perhaps my most favorite picture of the day is of Sharon and Darick, who apparently were posing like how Jayne, their 4-year-old likes to pose for pictures.  Hilarious.

Another picture of Kolby enjoying the sand!

Oh, but then things started to get chilly! We could see a storm coming in, and hoped it would blow through fairly quickly.  Keaton came up from the water completely shivering.

And then the rain started!!  We all huddled under our tent canopies and tarps, but most of us still got wet.  It's funny how it's fine to be wet when you are in the water, but when you are on the beach, you try everything in your power not to be wet!  There were about 55 people, huddled under these tarps, eating lunch.  However, we still tried to stick it out, and eventually, were the last ones at the reservoir.

But when the wind started up, and the storm got stronger, we called it quits and packed up our stuff.  However, it was just a short drive to our next destination.  All of us went to Jamie's neighborhood park, where we set up camp, brought out more food, and got ready to spend the evening playing games and being with each other!  Even Kimble was a happy camper, despite more than a quick nap in the car, on the way.

I had to snag a picture with my parents.  Even though my dad's face squished my eye in this picture, I still love it.

And here's my mom! She sure enjoys the posterity she created. She had a smile on her face the entire time.

A picture with Shavonne and Kim, the sisters just older and just younger than me.

After an early dinner of sandwiches, chips and cookies, we started to play some of our games, and first up was a Minute-to-Win-it match.  In this game, my Dad was matched up with me to cut out puzzle pieces, then piece the puzzle together again. My Dad totally cheated, and won the match.  Whatever.

Another game had you grabbing bags with your teeth, and then lining them up in a straight line, before the other person could get theirs done.

My Mom and sister Rebekah had to stack noodles onto their spaghetti strand, using only their mouth.

Courtney had to stack cups in a pyramid, then collapse it into one stack, before the other person got theirs done.  She was falling behind, so she tried to sabotage the other person's pyramid by throwing her cup at their stack.  She lost the match.

Then we played kick-ball, with all the grandkids included as well, and everyone had a fun time finding clever ways to block the ball, like holding up a nephew and letting the ball hit him, instead of themselves.    Then we played some "Who's Line is it Anyway" games, and they got a good laugh.  All good fun.  After it got dark, we played Glow-in-the-Dark Tag, which thrilled all the kids!  We didn't have to worry about where they were, because everyone glowed!

Night-time ended our activities for the day. We all went back in our cars, and drove to our selected houses, while the kids still swiveled and waved their glow sticks in the cars. When we got home, we slept good and hard, and got rested up for the next day!

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courtney said...

I would have won too if I hadn't stacked two cups on the bottem with out knowing would have been funny if I had actually been able to knock over lizzie's pyramid!
I just love our family!