Thursday, July 21, 2011

Family Reunion {Day 2}

Saturday morning was open to doing what you wanted to do. We could explore BYU with the  kids, and show them where I went to college and the big long steps I'd climb everyday to get to campus.  We could have gone on a hike up the canyon, or explored a city.  Instead, right after I got out of the shower, Kim's youngest, Addason, came up to me and said "There's something very bad happening downstairs!" 

So I walked downstairs to the basement and saw that a pipe had burst, and was spraying water everywhere, like how a busted sprinkler head would spray.  With all the men gone, playing basketball together, and Kim at the vet with her sick cat, Rebekah, Shavonne and I searched and searched for the master water valve.  It wasn't by the hot water heater. It wasn't outside.  It wasn't anywhere!  Finally, after frantic calls to Kim, her husband Jason, and to my husband (thinking he'd be able to give me other ideas to look) Kim zoomed home, called her plumber, and he came over to shut of the valve (which ended up being on the complete opposite side of the house, behind a dresser!).  Word to the wise:  Know where your shut-off valves are!!

So we cleaned up the inches of water that had accumulated on the basement floor.  We removed all the books off the bookshelf that, sadly, were right beneath the broken pipe, and set the books out on the trampoline to dry, and then Jason came back and spent the morning replacing the whole section of pipe, that had rusted through, and thus caused the problem.  With the water shut off all morning, it was not until about noon, that everyone could get ready. Good thing we  didn't have to be at the Temple until 2:30!

The whole reason for this reunion, was to celebrate the fact that my baby brother Ian and his wife Karissa were getting sealed in the Mt. Timpanogas Temple.   This was an amazing thing to witness, especially through the eyes of my parents, who had all ten of their children (and spouses) in the temple together. So incredible.  We were all overwhelmed at the experience.   Yay for Ian  and Karissa, being an eternal family!

Here is my little family, outside the temple!  It was a hot and sunny day, for sure!

All ten children.  Nine Spouses.  Two parents.  What a good looking bunch!

Here is the whole group, adding in our 28 grandkids (with three on the way)!

My boys, Keaton and Kolby, waiting around for the pictures to be done.  Kolby had ditched his tie long before, and had it stuffed in his pocket.

Not far from the Timpanogas Temple, my oldest brother lives, which is where we all went for the next phase of activities.  We  set up the backyard with tables and chairs and got started with our BBQ!  If there is one thing we Webers can do, it's make lots of yummy food!  Next is a picture of Ian and Kimble.  Ian is seriously the best Uncle. Everyone loves him.

After eating, we hung around outside playing games.  The men had a mock ping-pong tournament.  We played more party-style games. We talked and took pictures....then we got rained out.  Another storm rolled in, so we all headed inside.  Once settled, we got out all of our white elephant gifts that we had brought. Kids went first, each getting a gift.  It was a tight squeeze fitting everyone in, but we managed!

Kolby got some bubbles, fireworks, candy, a jump rope, and these sunglasses!  He was thrilled.

After we sent the kids downstairs, to play with their goodies, the adults got to open their white elephant presents.  With a Yankee Swap, gifts could be exchanged as much as possible, but only once per turn. I opened up this gift...a beautiful teddy-bear sweatshirt, sure to be a gag gift for years to come.  Amazingly enough, Sharon ended up stealing this beauty from me, as she wanted to wear it to Girl's Camp.  I wasn't sad to depart from it!

A few other gifts made the rounds.  The matching snuggies exchanged hands a few times, as well as the cute headbands that Trevor opened, which I eventually ended up with.

A very popular gift was the painting that Ian painted, seen in the next picture, a painting by Jason, some board games (we sure do love games in our family!) and a clock with a water bottle included, which Dad and I fought over.

After the white elephant exchange, we planned something special.  Over the past few months, running off the initial idea Courtney had of making a memory book for our parents, I hounded every member of my family (sisters, brothers, spouses, nephews and nieces) to provide me with these items:  story or memory involving mom and dad; photographs from childhood to recent that has mom or dad in it; and for many grandkids, a hand-drawn picture to include in the book.

Some provided the information quickly.  Others required a lot of prodding, but I was so happy to have every single member of my family contribute something.   What resulted, were two separate books, individual to my parents.  My mom's book had stories about her, pictures she was in, and loving  remarks dedicated to her. Same for my dad's book.  I made the book through the same company that I print my blog out, Blurb, and they turned out amazing.

My parents had no idea what was coming.   Here they are, getting their first glimpse at the books.

Then the storytelling started.  There were so many great stories, that my family submitted for the book.  There were stories of living on the ranch, and when mom tried to milk a cow but got pooped on instead.  There were stories of morning prayer time, stories of learning to drive with dad. Stories of mom waiting outside for us, on the first day of school. Stories about sneaking off to McDonalds after a particularly disastrous meal. Stories about snoring and punishments and doctor's visits and rocket making and asking permission for marriage and the time when Ian wanted his ear pierced in second grade, and my dad humored him by getting a hammer and a rusty nail...Ian changed his mind after that.  So many great stories, and pictures through the years.  It really was a fun thing to do, and I'm so happy with how it turned out.

After those memories were shared, and everyone looked through the books, we organized our dessert bar (cakes and cookies and ice cream sundaes) and let the kids battle a pinata. Then, once settled and it got dark, we set up a projector and watched a summer movie, but not before we showed a clip of a demonstration that Jason (Kim's husband) did at college.  Nancy was in class one day, and her professor showed this tape of a speech, but it was directed as a "what not to do when giving a speech".  Nancy laughed the entire time, then asked her professor if she could have a copy, because it was her brother-in-law!   So we all got a good laugh, even Jason, over that.

After the movie, the reunion officially ended, with people who had to leave the next morning (us included) and so we said our goodbyes.  Until the next time.  Long live The Weber Family!


Dan and Katie said...

That is so exciting that your brother and his wife got sealed!!

Jen Sue Wild said...

I hope my children are still this close when they all leave the nest.

Bek Bek Bek Bekah said...

I was an amazing weekend. I am so glad that I was able to be there and that we were able to to spend some fun times together. Great Job on the books, I am so glad that you did that for all of us. Love you much.

Heidi said...

geez, your family is so awesome. I am so happy for everyone in your family, but equally jealous that my family doesn't do this!

courtney said...

I like reading other's views on the weekend...similar but different. I love when we get together...I assume that next year will be a sibling reunion since we had three reunions this past year.