Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Farming 8

We filled our days with fun things that we normally wouldn't be able to do.  Here's a little list of what went on the next few days on the farm with Oma and Pappy.

One:  Picking!
We had fun picking fresh fruits and veggies from Oma's huge and lush garden.  Need some onions for dinner?  Go grab some out of the garden.  Need some snap peas for a stir fry?  Go fill the bucket with all the ripe ones.  See those remaining strawberries and raspberries on the plants?  Go get'em!  See those eggs the chicken's laid?  Bring them inside!  (Ok, so you don't really "pick" eggs, but we're going with an overall theme here.  Kennedy even held the rooster, who apparently, is a "sweetheart". Ever heard of a nice rooster?  Me neither.  Guess we were wrong!)

I already mentioned that Kamy and Sterling picked cherries.  They were up there at the big tree many times throughout the days that we were there.  One morning, we all went up to pick cherries. We drove the truck under the tree, so that we'd all be elevated enough to grab more cherries, and got busy picking!  We picked so many, that it took hours to pit the cherries, and I couldn't even get all the bowls of cherries in the picture.

Two:  Four Wheeling!
Heath and I took turns giving the kids four-wheeler rides.  Kolby, especially, loved it, and wanted us to give him turns "driving" on his own.  He told us that he wants to save up all his money, until he has enough to buy his own four-wheeler.  We'll see how long that takes.

Keaton, Kolby, and The Husband went on a long ride one afternoon, through the back roads, trails, and fields.  Along the way, Keaton tells his dad that his eyes are all itchy and feeling weird.  When they got back to the house, Keaton's face (most especially his eyes) were all puffed up to an unnaturally large size.  We gave him some benadryl and he went to take a nap.  He slept all afternoon, even after we kept waking him up to check on him, and give him more benadryl. Poor guy.  He was zonked out and super swollen.  The picture doesn't even come close to how bad he looked.  Luckily, he was much better the next day, albeit still puffy. We kept him out of the fields from then on.

Three: Cowboy Boots!
One of the best things about Oma and Pappy's house, is they have practically every size of cowboy boot available for use...even down to little Kimble size (Well, almost. They were a bit too big, but it made for a fun picture!).  The kids wore their borrowed boots from dawn to dusk.  I even had boots to wear too!  It just makes farm life so much more genuine!

Four: Porch Swing Beds!
I'm telling ya. They really know how to make things fun for the kids.  Since they have numerous grandchildren, Oma and Pappy provided some great places for them to sleep.  On their upstairs balcony, they've made three of these gigantic porch swings, and converted them into beds.  This is where the boys slept, during the nights we were there, and they loved it.  It was like sleeping in a tree house.  (Pictured is Keaton sleeping off his benadryl coma.)  Have I mentioned that Pappy built the entire house himself?  Impressive.

Four:  Horseback Riding!
We love horseback riding!  Every day, we'd saddle up the horses and let the kids take a ride around the corral. Sometimes we'd go on trail rides up through their property and across their fields.  One morning, The Husband and I woke up early and went out on a two hour ride with Oma and Pappy.  Unfortunately for us, it rained most of the time we were riding.  Well, raining is putting it mildly.  We were completely drenched and shivering as it downpoured on us, but it was so fun at the same time!!

By the end of our time on the farm, I was catching the horses and saddling them on my own.  Afterall, I'm a ranch girl at heart, and grew up riding horses and catching frogs and doing barrel walks and cleaning rocks out of fields.  I loved it all! (Pictured is me saddling Seabus. He was one TALL horse!)

Five: Pushing Cattle
I overheard Chris (Oma) talking about how she needed to push some cattle to another section of land, a few miles down the road and through some fields.  She must have seen the sparkle in my eyes, because she asked me if I wanted to help.  Yes Yes Yes!  How fun!  So as it turned out, Heath was on the four-wheeler, along with some other guys, and I was on horseback, along with Chris and her brother, and we moved about 50 head of cattle to their new location, so that all the mommas could have their babies in a specific couple of fields.  It was so great!!  At the end, I'm not sure how much helping I actually did, but both Heath and I enjoyed it.  So fun.  (This picture is a reproduction of the event in question.  It was taken the next day, when we rode up to check on the cows, and many of them had already dispersed through the fields, with one already having had her baby!)

Six: Swinging!
There was a fabulous tree, of which my kids took full advantage, climbing and swinging and hanging and adventuring on.  Such is the life!

Seven: Chillin'
We also had plenty of time to relax and enjoy the beautiful surroundings, swing on the porch swing and listen to nature all around us, and have lovely conversations about so many things. We talked a lot, as we picked herbs, de-stemmed them, and dried them.  We brought home some fabulously aromatic bags of cilantro and dill!  They'll make a great addition to my recipes.

Eight: Museums!
Just one museum, actually.  Just up the road, by Chris's Dad's house, is a family museum.  Inside the small one-room cabin (which once housed six kids and two parents) are amazing artifacts, photographs, farming instruments, old stoves and barrels, which were all used by their ancestors, on the same pieces of property that we were staying at.  Ouside are old tractors and other tools used to cut wheat and do other farm labor.  It's a dedicated museum to their heritage.  How wonderful is that?

Heath took lots of pictures of the different artifacts, as well as angular pictures that turned out really great.  We sure enjoyed learning about what their life was like back then.

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