Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Friendly Visits Pt 1

The next few days were spent visiting with local friends, before our family reunion began.  First up, my friend Nicki and her family.  They were some of our first military friends, in California.  They moved about the same time we did, and we've been lucky to see each other often over these last few years.  Our kids have a great time playing with each other.  Kamy and Sophie are just over a year apart.  They want to be roommates with eachother, at college.

Caleb is aged right between the boys, so they have a great time getting along.

Kennedy and Elsie are just a few months apart.  They sure had a great time coloring, playing dolls, and doing games on the computer.

Our two little ones are less than a year apart, and Nicki is pregnant with number 5, and just found out it's another little girl!  Due to placenta previa, with threat of detachment, and low amniotic fluid, she is in the hospital now.  If you would send prayers her way, I'm sure she'd be thankful.  Also, we didn't get a picture with her husband Ryan, but I enjoyed visiting with him too.  As always, the William's family makes me want to be a better person. They are all so great.  It was wonderful to see them!

 After that visit, I left with the kids to drive  over to good 'ole Tooele to visit with  my best friend since high school.  Bethany, and her husband Garin (who with the help of my then-current dating acquaintance, I set them up on their first blind date) welcomed us with open arms.  It's always great to see them, and to get our kids together.

Bethany and I have been friends since the first day we met.  She even spent some of a summer living with me in a trailer, parked in my parents driveway, and we were also roommates at college for one year.  She is such a great friend and I consider her a sister.

The next day, with The Husband being back from his biking adventure (another post), we visited with our friend Becky, who use to live by us here in Colorado.  They moved last summer, but thanks to blogging, facebooking, and emailing, we haven't lost contact with them.  Unfortunately, her husband had to work,but we got to hang out with the rest of the family, at a park, where we experienced a heavy-handed summer rainstorm while under the protection of the park pavilion.  Thanks for visiting with us Becky! I know you had a crazy week, and I'm so glad we had the time together!

After the park, we got to visit with some more friends from our military days, The Rothman's!  I haven't seen April for three years, but we were very close when we lived by eachother on base.  April was in Utah visiting with her family, and through the magic of facebook, she discovered that I was there too, so we got together!  Yay for unexpected visits!  Hopefully we won't let another three years pass, before we can visit again. 

We had many more people  that we wanted to see and visit with, but unfortunately, we didn't have the time, or else we would have been up and down the Wasatch border, to visit with everyone.  For those of you who live there, that are reading this, we'll try to catch you next time. We really do love you and miss you!!

The next day, our family reunion officially began!

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