Friday, July 29, 2011

Going Home

Vacation ended.  I guess it had to, but we were still sad about it.  It took two days of traveling to get home.  We started off the first leg of the trip a little late.  We had some squeaking going on with one of our car wheels, and stopped to get it checked.  After that, we headed over to two stores, to get a few things that we can't find in Colorado, namely HUCKLEBERRY SAUCE!  Those of you who aren't from the Pacific Northwest, don't know about huckleberries.  They are so good, and grow wild all up in the mountains where we are from.  We got a few bottles of huckleberry syrup, to last us a few months.  Mmmm. Pancakes never tasted so good.

By then it was lunchtime. Why not stop by an old favorite?  Zips makes the best chicken strips and fries, and of course, nothing compares to their tartar sauce!!!  Yum!  Wish I could go again.

After that, things were pretty quiet for a few hours as we drove through the mountain passes in Idaho and Montana, especially because our cell phones didn't have any service for the next two days.  Bummer.

But our spirits were boosted when we saw a big sign, by the side of the freeway, advertising Huckleberry Shakes.  Hmmm.  Now would be a good time to stop!! Afterall, everyone has to go potty, right?  And of course, the gas tank is only 3/4 of the way full.  We really should top it off.  Oh, since we are stopped already, why not get a few huckleberry shakes?  Good idea, right?

Then we traveled back into Idaho again, with a stopover for the night at my sister Courtney's house.  It was a beautiful evening spent sitting out on the porch, overlooking the wheat fields, and talking with family.  Thanks for having us, Corks!

The next day was the last day of driving, but unfortunately, it was the longest and most boring part of the drive.  Heath hates driving through Wyoming, hence the "thumbs down" in the picture.  No offense against Wyoming, but it's a long, straight, and boring drive.

But then we finally made it back to Colorado!!  It really was a great trip, and we are so blessed to have had it be free of car problems and catastrophes.


Dan and Katie said...

I had my first huckleberry pancakes on our trip to Rexburg, very yummy! I just don't understand why you can't buy/plant huckleberry bush. Makes no sense

Colleen said...

I LOVE huckleberry! The closest here is boysenberry, but it's not the same. It's so hard to leave isn't it? But also good to be home.

Me said...

I'm so glad to know of another mom who makes her children stand in the middle of nowhere by the Welcome to state signs. And other signs I find amusing. For our family it's usually hot, we have to wake someone and everyone's crabby.