Monday, July 25, 2011

School Lists

Today I put together the "Back to School Requirement List"...and it totally ruined my good mood.  I normally get so excited for school supplies.  I've always loved them.  In fact, when I was little, I'd accompany my dad into office supply stores (he had a fascination with them too) and I'd always comment that when I got older, I'd open my own paper and pencils-type store.  I'd touch all the notebooks lovingly, and gaze longingly at the beautiful markers and sigh over all the sticky pads. What can I say?  They make me happy.

However, needing to buy all of the required amounts, is really breaking my budget.  Here is the accumulated list of what I need my four school-age kids to bring to school, on the first day.

1 pkg (24 count) colored pencils
3 pkg washable markers
3 boxes (24 count ) crayons, primary colors
3 bottles glue (4 oz)
3 pkg of 4-count glue sticks
4 lg glue sticks
3 fiskars scissors
168 pencils, sharpened
13 pocket folders (specified colors)
6 lg pink erasers
4 bottles of hand sanitizer
3 lg containers of sanitizing wipes (bleach-free)
2 black sharpies
7 red pens
1 box sandwich size ziploc bags
1 box gallon size ziploc bags
1 pencil box
2 rulers (large numbers)
6 boxes of tissue
14 spiral notebooks
2 (1 in) 3-ring binders
1 pkg dividers
14 dry erase markers (large tip)
1 cardboard trifold project board
4 composition notebooks
7 highlighters (specified colors)
1 accordion folder
4 pkg wide-ruled notebook paper
4 pkg 1/4 inch graph paper
1 flash drive

Any guesses as to how much this will cost?

Those of you who teach school, what are your thoughts?  Does this seem excessive, or do you find that it's not enough?  Does the personal cost of all these supplies seem justified?


Dawn Bailey said...

Just hit Walmart during their Back-to-School sale...under $100. Getting the kids ready for school is the downside for having more than one or two kids...just wait until they are all teenager like mine are now. Ugh! I plan all year for it and stash things away when I see them on sale.

CrazyChel said...

looks fairly similar to our lists... even on sale I average $150-200 every fall. Kind of glad 3 of 4 will be in upper grades this year where the list isn't so exact.

Bek Bek Bek Bekah said...

In my art education class I had to "go shopping" for supplies for my class. The list that my professor gave to me was the most simple list he could compile and had the most basic supplies on it. I did my "shopping" and the total came to about $240.00. Then he showed us students the supply list that he gives to his students compared to what he supplies himself. It was 1/4 the amount of what comes from his budget. Teachers are only given a certain amout for their classrooms something like $250.00 or less I believe, and so that is why the student supply list is what it is. I agree that sometimes it can get a little excessive, but it could be worse. Plus the more kids you have the more you have to get which makes it seem like it is that much more excessive. I feel your pain, but look on the brighter side, it could be worse.

Robin said...

I feel your pain Shaina! Just wait until High School when each child MUST have things like graphing calculators (hundreds apiece)! At least in these years it's easier to shop for deals all year long to gear up. It's all part of rising education costs in a recessive economy. Ugh!

Dan and Katie said...

Yikes! I have a huge bottle of sanitizer that you can have that we bought when Ruby came home, barely used because I hate hand sanitizer!

Nanci said...

Boy things sure have changed since we went to school. I feel for you I don't know how young families in this country are making it these days.

Melissa Gall said...

Hi Shaina - I love reading your blog! I teach high school English in SD, so I don't get to set my own school supply list. I was wondering: have you checked for your kids' school supplies? I see they have containers with 6 large pink erasers for a buck, as well as lots of other school supplies on there. At the bottom of their homepage, there's a link for "Back to School." Maybe that will help? Good luck and keep up the nice blogs -- they're lovely!

Melissa Gall said...

Shoot... now I see that you have to order by the case on their website. But maybe there's a store near you?

Bobbi Jo said...

I am with you on this it is excessive. The list from the school was close to this it is crazy! Hugs, Bobbi Jo

courtney said...

I'll have jared comment on this when he has a chance, but I feel like we are slapped in the face with all the things that we have to buy for our girls and wish that it wasn't so expensive. I also hate that at the end of the year, we don't get the kids supplies back. I know that they ask for multiple things that don't get used and it should be sent back home, but instead, it is donated for use during summer school.

Trinette McCrary said...

Ugh, I know how you feel. I actually thought Olivia's list going into middle school would be small.'s the worse!

Obsessed Funkey said...

just bought school supplies: $213
wow or what???