Thursday, July 21, 2011


Sunday morning we left Utah to drive up to Washington.  We made plans to stop in Kennewick, to see some of our friends from our Newlywed days!

 The darn Washington state border was right over the Columbia river, and hence we couldn't stop and take a picture!  This drive-by photo will have to do.

The Sagen family are dear friends of ours.  When Kamy was less than a year old, we  moved into a duplex.  The other half of the duplex was rented by James and Tara.  For the next two years, we had an open-door policy with each other. We shared meals.  We went on outings together.  We did everything together.  So much so, that we wanted to cut an opening between our two places, so we'd have easier access.  It was so great living next to them.

Since moving away, with the military, we've only managed to see each other every few years.  The last visit, however, was about four years ago!  So we were so happy that they were on the way, to our destination in Washington, and that we could stop over for the night.  They fed us yummy chicken tacos, with beans, that we all loved.  Especially Kimble! Goofy kid.

All of our kids had a friend to play with, and they had a great time  together!  I'm only sad that it was such a short visit.  We had to cram lots of people in, in such a short time, therefore our schedule wasn't easily budged.  Hopefully they can come out to Colorado and visit us next time!!  Hey Tara, bring some more huckleberries when you come!


Erica Hettwer said...

You guys had a fun vacation! :) Where did you cross from Oregon into Washington?

Nicole said...

Love following your blog... maybe you can return the favor :)

but honestly... how do you manage with FIVE kids? it seriously amazes.