Friday, July 22, 2011

Then & Now

So the main reason we cruised up to Washington, was to stay at Oma and Pappy's house.  You may remember last October, when they visited us here in Colorado.  They have adopted us into their clan, and therefore, are the third set of  grandparents for our kids.  They have a farm, in Northeast Washington, and that was our destination for the week!

The last time we went  up to their farm, was FOUR LONG YEARS AGO.  They were just building their house then, and only had one level complete. We camped in sleeping bags, on the upper level, which was just framed in.  A lot has changed, on the farm, since we were there.  A lot has changed in our family too, since we were last there.

I thought it'd be fun to begin these successions of posts, with a Then and Now Photographic Journey, for your viewing pleasure.  All of these pictures were taken either four years ago, on our last visit to the farm (Then) or last week, on our recent visit to the farm (Now).

Let's start with the family picture.  Back THEN, we had four kids, with Georgie being the youngest, at about 18 months old.

NOW, we have five kids, and Kimble is just a few months older than what Georgie was.

Back then, my four kids were little and tiny and squeezably cute, if not terribly excited to be sitting on a hay bale.

Now, my kids are all older, with one more added to the mix, and they don't seem to mind hay anymore.

Back Then, Georgie loved playing on this little toy tractor.

Now it was Kimble who found it, although somewhat altered than before, and enjoyed "vrooming" around in it out front.

Back then, The Husband carried around his two little boys down and through the fields.

Now he just carries around his little Kimble!

Back then, the boys played pretend farmer, all day long on the tractor.

Now, they lounge around looking like farm kids, getting ready to ride horses.

Then, Kamy and Kennedy took a turn together on a horse.

Now, they are climbing fences, wearing cowboy boots, and looking so old!

They sure are cute country girls, aren't they?

Then, Keaton and Kolby were so little on the horses...

...and Kolby was so good at making funny faces (still is).

Now, they look so big, riding by themselves!

I can't believe how much has changed in four years!!


courtney said...

I really like that family picture of you on the old car! I wish we could have gone rafting but sometime, next summer if you wanted to take a trip here, I bet we would definitely get to go. But the tubing looks just as fun! I miss riding horses!

runningfan said...

The current family picture on the tractor is awesome! That's frame-worthy in my book!

Maggie said...

Great pictures! Looks like you all had a fabulous time!