Sunday, July 24, 2011

This Is The {Farm} Life!

I love life on the farm!  After a good night's sleep and some hearty pancakes for breakfast, we all headed out to ride the horses!  Kamy learned that sometimes, there is a lot of patience involved, with getting horses ready to be ridden.

But then she finally got to ride, and she was very happy.

Kolby and Keaton were thrilled as well.  They all got to ride by themselves, in the coral.  It wasn't enough for Kolby, who wanted to be out in a field, riding like a true cowboy, but he had to make do with the coral until he leaned to ride better.

In fact, all the kids were thrilled at riding horses, and it was something we did every day that we were there.

 While the kids and I were busy with the horses, Heath was helping Pappy get things done around the farm.  They kept busy, that's for sure, but also had a good time.

After lunch, while Oma, Kamy and I were on a trail ride with the horses, the boys went "mudding".  Just down the field is a stream with heaps of mud.  The boys played down there for hours, and in fact, all the kids played down there a few times a day, during the time we were there.  Then they'd slog back up the hill, only to be banned from coming inside until they washed off.

This was the little trough they had to wash off in.  It reminded me of the slightly-bigger cow troughs my sisters and I would swim around in, when we lived on the ranch.

Kamy and Sterling (another of Oma's grandkids who, along with her brother, were there to help show my kids all the fun stuff to do on the farm) had fun riding the four-wheelers around, and they were the first to pick cherries from the huge cherry tree they have.

About 5pm, we took the kids down the road to the reservoir to cool down.  It was the perfect evening to sit and watch the kids play in the water.

Kimble even found a horse to ride, as he was deprived of riding a real horse earlier in the day.

He is such a cutie.  Almost daily, he seemed to change, on our trip.  It's hard to see a baby now, he has grown so much.  He sure liked the independence I gave him, when we were on the farm.  He was a busy and happy kid, and got lots of bruises and owies to account for it.

The boys found this old log, which they turned into a raft, and paddled up and across the waterfront.

They even took turns pushing each other around, giving "log rides".  I'm glad they had a great time.

After a late dinner, then a movie on their big screen projector, we all crashed for the night.  It was a perfect day on the farm...with more to come the next few days!


Nicki said...

You guys look like you belong on the farm! What a road trip! So glad we got to see you and get to live through your travels.

Maynards said...

Sounds like the perfect day out on the farm. Cute picture on your header!