Sunday, July 3, 2011

Traveling Highs and Lows

Yesterday morning signaled the start of our vacation, which is going to be a good mix of road-tripping and visiting family/friends.  Here are some highlights (and lowlights) relating to the beginning of our trip!

High:  Things went smoothly, in preparation for our trip.  I like to leave a clean house, so Friday was devoted to cleaning.  Bedrooms were cleaned.  Bathrooms were scoured.  Fridge was emptied and wiped down.  Vacuuming, mopping, sorting, making.  We packed bags, cleaned out the van, went shopping for munchies, returned library books, took out trash, and paid bills.  We also organized our neighbors to come over every day to feed our cats, water plants, and get mail. All is good.

Low: It's hard to be a traveling family, especially when we try to keep out of the "public germ" as much as possible, to keep everyone healthy for Kimble.

High:  I had previously organized and sorted through a bunch of things to give to my sisters, for their kids.  Clothes, shoes, toys, blankets, baby items.  It made for a lot of bags of things to bring!

Low:  Trying to fit it all in the van, along with all of our packed belongings, made it difficult, but not impossible.

High:  The kids were so excited to begin our vacation!  Here, Kennedy and Kimble were watching out the door, waiting for the moment when I would say "Everyone load up!"  We were out the door at 8am.

Low:  I wanted to leave by 7am, but 8am was fine.

High:  Two and a half hours into the drive, and everything was beautiful!  Mountain roads filled with mountain air. Beautiful scenery and happy kids in the back, coloring and laughing.

Low: The lovely curvy mountain roads led to Kamy getting carsick all over herself and her area in the van.  A full body clothing change was required, by the side of the freeway.  About 20 baby wipes were used, as well as brushing teeth and rinsing mouths.   It could have been worse.

High:  The kids loved the scenery as much as we did, and therefore didn't need much more entertainment, especially when we had a cd of "kids music" to listen too.  I loved hearing them identify each song, like when Kennedy said "That's the beautiful Ariel mermaid singing!"

Low:  Our stupid dvd player in the van has always been temperamental, and this time, it wouldn't release the dvd in the drive, and was "frozen".  No movies for us!

High:  We always scream when we go through tunnels, and lucky for us, there were plenty to be had as we drove through The Continental Divide!

Low: Kimble didn't quite know what to make of all of us screaming, but I think by the 8th tunnel or so, he let out a little yell along with the rest of us.

High:  Reaching the Utah border!

Low:  All the kids climbing out, to take that picture, woke up Kimble from his nap, and he was a bit fussy after that.

High: The big bag of sour patch kids that was passed around.

Low: They wanted to eat them all day long, instead of at a few specific times throughout the day.

High:  The last three hours of the drive, I was at the wheel, and therefore, in charge of music.  I popped in my "totally groovin 80's music" cd and sang along with Madonna, Cindy Lauper, Michael Jackson, Milli Vanilli, and New Kids on the Block with gusto and fervor.  I was a one-man show, and proud of it!  Luckily, The Husband got a kick out of all the "please don't go girl" and "I've been searchin' high (high high)" so it lightened the mood for the last long stretch before we arrived.

Low:  There's no low when it comes to singin' along to the 80's, no matter how off-key you are!

High:  Arriving at their  cousin's house, and everyone having a friend to play with, and a friend to sleep next to at night.

Low High:  Friends lead to giggles, which leads to playing, which leads to staying up instead of going to bed, but it's vacation afterall, and they don't get to see each other very often.  So instead of this being a low, I count it as a high.  Vacations with family members are the best, and this is only the beginning.  Soon, we'll be joined by my entire side of the family.  Can't wait.  In the mean time, before Kimble's little buddies get here, he found a friend in Uncle Jason. So sweet.


purejoy said...

sounds great. well most of it anyway. i could do without carsickness. bleck.
hope you have a great time with your family!

Maynards said...

I am with you on the cleaning the house before a trip idea.
We are hoping to see you guys this week! Hope your trip is awesome.

Nicole said...

what a good blog! {just found it}

I am definitely following!

Although, 1 question... How do you do it with FIVE kids? :)

you are very blessed!