Friday, July 22, 2011


After we left Kennewick, we drove to another friend's house.  Megan was one of my roommates my first year of college, and I don't think we've seen each other for about 15 years or so.  Luckily, we reconnected a few years ago, and have stayed in touch.  I was thrilled to be able to see Megan and her family for the afternoon, and boy did she show us a good time!!

After a great lunch, we all changed  into our swimsuits and we went out on the boat. Lucky her, to live right on the lake.  The kids all enjoyed tubing together.  Here are some of my kids, and some of Megan's girls, tubing together.

Kimble enjoyed watching for a while, but the steady hum of the boat, and the rocking of the waves, caused him to go to sleep, all nestled in his life jacket.

Not too far from their own "beachfront" is a sizable sandy shoreline.  Many boats dock right up to the beach, and that's where we went, to give the kids some  more playtime. 

The sand immediately clung to you, it was so fine. Kennedy sure enjoyed everything about it.

The boys played around a while, on the tubes, pretending it was their raft and they were lost at sea.

Then we went back out in the water, and this time, The Husband took a turn.  Lucky for him that Cameron, Megan's husband, was pulling the kids, or he would have given Heath a ride to remember!  As it was, everyone had a great time.  We couldn't have asked for a better visit!

Megan and I took a picture together, as it's been so long since college!  We were both sad that her twin sister Rebecca couldn't make it over to visit as well, as we were all roomies together, but that just means we'll have to plan another visit!

Here are all our kids, minus her oldest, who was out working the fields!  Thanks again for such a fantastic visit, Megan!!

It wasn't long, into the car ride up to Fruitland, that my kids were all zonked out (except for Kimble, who had already napped on the boat).  If this proves anything, it's that they exhausted themselves playing all afternoon!

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Megan said...

I am so glad you came and that your family enjoyed the lake with us. I love that Cassidy is holding Kimball's hand in that picture!!! So cute.