Monday, August 29, 2011

Birthday Boy

"Isn't it a great day for a birthday?"  Kolby said to me after he woke up Sunday morning.  "Sure is buddy! Happy Birthday!"  Kolby turned 8 years old, which is a big deal!  He decided he wanted to be called "Birthday Boy" all day.  It totally made his day all the times I remembered to call him that.

Kolby actually got to begin his birthday celebrations a day earlier.  Saturday afternoon we all went rollerskating at Skate City.  Kolby has been asking to go every day since school got out  last May, because he had coupons.  Finally the day came.  He was thrilled.  So were his siblings.

During one of the skating games that were played, Kolby managed to be the last skater not eliminated.  His reward was choosing between ice cream or cotton candy. He chose cotton candy, which he freely shared with his siblings.

Since none of the kids have really been skating too frequently, they were all a bit shaky on skates.  Everyone except Kamy hugged the wall the entire time as they skated around. Regardless, they had a great time.

Kolby is a genuinely happy boy.  He loves to do flips and ride his bike around the block.  He still plays star wars and makes the best sound effects.  Kolby would love to live in water if he could.  He likes to get dirty and could care less about being clean.  He beams when he's complimented and loves getting one-one-one attention.  He requested sausage penne for dinner and waffles with huckleberry sauce for breakfast.

After church, we took our family picture. Even with a sleeping Kimble, and everyone being silly, it's still a great picture!

Kolby got some more darts for  his dart guns (he's been out for a while and sadly shoots at things, only to have nothing happen) and he got all the stuff necessary for him to be a cub scout.  This, he is most excited about, and gets to join Keaton this week at scouts.  He also got a set of scriptures, for that is the gift our kids get when they turn 8 years old and be baptized (which he will be in a few weeks).  Last of all, he got a pair of roller blades.  This was met with whoops and hollers. He was so excited, and put them on immediately.  After practicing in the garage, and along my carpeted floor, he wore them after I sent him to bed for the night.  This morning, I woke him up for school, to discover him sleeping with them still strapped onto his feet.  I guess he really liked his gift!

I made him a candy bar cake, which everyone liked (surprising, since we aren't really cake people) and he blew out his 8 candles after he made a wish.

It was a good day for a birthday indeed. Happy Birthday...Birthday Boy!

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Colleen said...

Happy birthday, Kolby!!!!