Thursday, August 4, 2011

Kolby's Letter

I really love it when the kids write me letters and notes, especially when it's a letter of apology.  One night, a few weeks ago, after being sent to bed, Kolby came up and asked if he could get a piece of paper and a pencil.  We said "yes", surprised that he wanted to write anything at all, but eager to meet his request, even if it was after bedtime.

A few minutes later, he handed us this letter, looking very repentant.

"To Dad. Love Dad,
I am sore (sorry) that I brok the tawl henr (towel hanger).  Hav my mune (money) insted of 10 bar (bare) bum spankin (spankings) for a punishmint.  Frum Kolby.  Sore! (Sorry!)"

Well, we've had problems with this certain towel rod in the kids' bathroom since we moved in. As many times as we've patched it and re-mounted it, it just won't stay in the wall.  It happened to fall off as Kolby was drying his hands after washing them (he actually washed his hands without me standing over his shoulder!).  He was so worried about breaking it, and getting a punishment, that he decided to try to entice us with his money instead of getting "10 bare bum spankings".  Now that's curious in itself, because I've never given my kids bare bum spankings.  I grew up getting spanked, and don't really have fond memories of it, so I don't spank my kids.

The most amazing thing about this letter, is that Kolby showed thought, and he also showed remorse, and then acted on his own to try to make resolution.  I'm thrilled with how Kolby is trying to learn, and trying to choose the right.  Now, we just need to work on his spelling!!


DougandSheilah said...

The towel rack in out kids' bathroom kept falling out too. Doug finally took a 2X4, found the studs in the wall and screwed it in. Then we attached the rack to it. Hasn't fallen out since. Not the prettiest, but functional for now.

Colleen said...