Sunday, August 14, 2011

New Job?

So here's the thing. I got inspired this week to look for a job as a copywriter, or in essence, a job which you make things more interesting through the written word.  So I came across one specific job, and I'm applying for it.  (The great thing about writing jobs, is that it can be done from anywhere...even from home, while sitting in your cozy jammies with your bowl of oatmeal cradled in your lap as your one-year old scales the kitchen table looking for any forgotten cups of milk to toss overboard.)

Here's where I need your help!  The job application requires a few writing samples.  Those of you who have been with me for a while, have read through the different stories that I've posted.  Stories from my daily life...stories of my childhood...heartfelt posts regarding Kimble...

I have some contenders.  What do you think about these stories?
The Jacketless Hood
A Most Disgusting Story
The Perverted Math Teacher  (Too risque?)
The Stalker Mailman
The Tale of the Bike and the Scooter
Look Ma! No Hands!
Stupid things I did as a kid
A Play-by-Play of my day

Signs of Pregnancy
Midnight Expectations
Looking back on the last two years (my husband's vote)

Are any of those stories worthy of a "writing sample"?  Which ones were the best? Whether it made you laugh or cry or touched your any come to mind that I should submit in conjunction with my resume?

Just as another side note, the company I'm applying for is family oriented. They actually want someone who has kids, so they can add that experience when writing.
Please let me know!!  I plan on applying for the job tomorrow.
Thanks for your help!!


Me said...

Ok, I've only read the more recent postings regarding Kimble but I've loved all of them!! You have a great writing style that draws people in. I think you could probably submit anything and get the job. Or at least make them ask for more!! Good luck! Let us know as soon as you hear something!

Jennifer Magreevy said...

I have really enjoyed your humorous stories about your kids. It made me smile thinking of Kimble "scaling" the kitchen table. :)

Also look into positions for writing freelance for local papers, maybe the Woodmen/Cheyenne Edition. I just started writing for my local paper, and the editor contacted me about writing for ANOTHER paper. So this week I have four articles to write, at $35 a pop. I'm excited!! Good luck to you as well!!! :)

Shavonne said...

A few stories stand out to me: the Jacketless hood/haircut, and two of your Christmas letters. The one written from the point of view of the van, and the one that your rhyme the whole thing. I love your writing and am so excited that you are finally starting to pursue your dream. Good luck!!

Sharon said...

I like all your stories. Its hard to choose one, I really like the ones about the ranch, what about the assistant one?

Cynthia said...

I love your writing and wish you the best as a copywriter!

These are all great, but I'd suggest either of the bike ones (The Bike and the Scooter or, Look Ma! No Hands!) or A Most Disgusting Story.

Renny's little things said...

I'm with The Husband!!!!
Cheers from Aus

Jeff and Lori said...

Tough to choose. I just read most of them over, and my favs (for today at least) have to be "The Stalker Mailman", "The Tale of the Bike and the Scooter", "Stupid things I did as a kid", and "Looking back on the last 2 years". I almost threw in the 2 pregnancy posts as well, but at that point I might as well say "all of them!", which is less than helpful. Good luck with the application!!