Saturday, August 13, 2011


The Tooth Fairy was one day late. When disappointment came,  I suggested to Kolby that she might be charmed into coming if he wrote her a nice note.  This is what he wrote:

The kid doesn't mince words, does he.  "Kolby has lost a tooth.  Ples lev mune."

I guess it worked. He got two dollars the morning he woke up for the first day of school, which he spent half of today, getting an ice cream cone from the meandering ice cream truck that spends all day driving in circles around our house.  Some things are just too tempting, when you've got two dollars burning a hole in your pocket.


Colleen said...

Darn toothfairy. Ours sometimes forgets to visit that first night too. Your ice cream truck is much more reasonably priced than ours. I don't think ours has anything for a dollar!

Maynards said...

Love the note! We are still waiting for the tooth fairy to be able to come to our house. Poor Mary wiggles her teeth all day long, to no avail.