Thursday, August 4, 2011

Playing in the Rain

We've been lucky to have daily late-afternoon thunderstorms over the past three weeks or so.  It's been a welcoming relief from the 90-100 degree weather we've had for a few months, and helps make for a cooler start to the evening just when you think your house can't get any hotter.

Usually, I've called  my kids inside when it starts raining.  This particular day, we stayed outside and enjoyed the rainshower.  Kimble was absolutely thrilled. He doesn't get to go outside very often (because he won't stay in the boundaries of the yard) and it's a chore to constantly run after him and keep him out of the street, or make sure he doesn't trip over the steps, or lose his balance on the rocks.  So between the freedom of being in mom's arms, and having the funny-feeling rain falling down on him, he was in heaven!  Of couse, we still had to save him a time or two, from his own dangerous "know no fear" attitude, but he'd just get right back out there and have more fun.  (Please excuse the fact that we are really low-key about having Kimble wear proper attire whilst at home.  He "normally" has pants on when we go places, but not always when we are home.)

Kennedy thought it was raining so much, that she needed extra protection, hence the life jacket.

Of course, the boys found some fun while splashing around in the accumulated gutter water along the edge of the road.

Everyone complained when I said it was time to come inside.  I'm glad they all had fun.  Getting wet in the rain is fun, when it's done with intention.


Colleen said...

I always loved playing in the rain as a kid. We are in diapers here a lot of the time too.

Jennifer Magreevy said...

My jealousy over your rain knows no bounds. I was in Colorado Springs while you were on your vacation, and my husband and I basically cried every day that it rained (and the low 50's at night provided phenomenal sleeping weather!!). Seeing as how we haven't been under 100 degrees in a few weeks, and have flirted with 113 a few days this week, I'm really wanting to move. Like really. NOW.